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Tip The iLife package from Apple is cross-compatible with other imaging applications. The iLife package has a variety of applications that together make your computer a more powerful tool. For example, you can edit photos and have them automatically print, do basic scanning, and produce books, video, and slideshows. In the next chapter, we tell you about the iPhoto application, which is included in the iLife package.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements Features When you learn to use Photoshop, you quickly come to realize that it is a powerful tool with a ton of features that can get in your way. To make it easy for you to use Elements, we’ve curated a list of the best features. Edit images Convert images from the RAW format to JPG or TIFF Create a collage from multiple images Quickly sharpen or add blur to an image Edit and adjust color, contrast and brightness Batch-merge photos Adjust brightness, color and contrast Add shapes, patterns and text to your images Adjust layers, masks and text to create virtually unlimited edits Make colors more vivid Filter your images by color, exposure and more Quickly crop or resize images Create a new document Create a new layer Edit with natural and artistic effects Apply artistic filters to make your images unique Use a variety of editing tools Combine a new filter with multiple elements to create unique new images Paint and draw Add custom drop shadows and gradients Create custom brushes Draw with fuzzy edges Create a new layer with a selection mask Create custom shapes and background patterns Create a collage from your images Create and apply selections Rotate, resize and flip your images Quickly remove unwanted items or objects Create new images with your selection Video editing Trim, crop and rotate videos Apply a variety of transitions Adjust the speed, duration, and opacity of a video clip Add and adjust many different effects to videos Add 3D and virtual cinematography effects Add and edit subtitles Use the built-in video editor to make your videos look professional Photos and negatives Edit, crop, rotate and balance images Save the edited image directly to a file Open or save raw images directly from a scanner, card reader or memory card Convert photos and negatives Capture images from negatives Save a scanned image to a file Load a scanned image to an existing document Edit and trim your scanned 05a79cecff

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#include “tools.h” void do_withfiles(const char *location, int location_len, bool swap, const char *tmp_dir) { bool run_all = true; int i; for(i = 0; run_all && i < num_files; i++) { if (!files[i].location || strncmp(files[i].location, location, location_len)) continue; if (!files[i].swap) run_all = false; if (!tmp_dir) tmp_dir = get_tmp_dir(get_subargv()); BIO_printf(bio_stdout, "%s.c ", files[i].location); if (swap) reverse(files + i, num_files - i); if (reverse) reverse(files + i, num_files - i); if (explain) BIO_printf(bio_stdout, "Shuffling. "); do_files(files + i); if (swap) reverse(files + i, num_files - i); if (explain) BIO_printf(bio_stdout, "Reversing. "); } if (!run_all) BIO_printf(bio_stdout,

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Trial Account Available Only on the Windows OS. Not Available on the Mac OS. User must be logged into their Microsoft account. User must accept the legal agreement in order to use the app. User must agree with the EULA before installation. User must agree with the terms of the license agreement. To use the OneDrive app, user will need to install the Microsoft app. User must agree to use all copyright

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