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A Screen Shot of a Cupid Photo in Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is an excellent image enhancement program that provides the tools to virtually edit any image. In fact, Photoshop is used to change, enhance, and manipulate any type of picture. Adjusting a picture in Photoshop can be as easy as adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color with a few simple mouse clicks. Users can draw a selection on a picture and even color in a selection using a few simple tools such as magic wand and rectangle selections, and shapes and cursors. As with all image editing software, the more a user knows about Photoshop, the more efficiently he or she can work. Here are a few tips to get you started on the road to Photoshop mastery. • Study the Preferences menu for the program. This will let you know what tools are used for most of the tasks available in Photoshop. To ensure that a tool has been installed properly, look under the File menu. If you don’t see it, you may need to add it. • Photoshop is a raster (pixel) image editing program. In other words, the finished image has no distinction between shades of gray. This is why you need to turn on the “White Balance” tool, which will adjust the exposure to allow the image to retain more detail. • The Lens Correction tool allows Photoshop to work with lens distortion. The tool allows Photoshop to use a lens distortion equation to convert images to the same perspective as your lens. This tool is essential if you create images and want them to appear in your printable documents. • The Gradient tool offers the ability to alter an image’s color and appearance. Try using the gradient tool on your images to see what you can create. You can use color bars to get a good idea of what you can do with gradient tools. • The Spot Healing Tool is a good tool for enhancing images that contain irregularities in the image. The tool can correct problems and even remove blemishes from the image. • The Pen tool is an essential tool when working with the Illustrator program. The pen tool is used to draw lines, curves, and paths on your images. Any shape can be created with this tool, but usually people use it to create the path used in vector art, such as a brush or pen. • The Spot Healing Tool is also an essential tool for improving the appearance of an image. The tool works with highlighted areas in your image to improve

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Safest ways to open.psd files: My preferred method of opening files is through the Adobe Bridge app. I wrote an entire book about how to open.psd files safely. How much does it cost? The basic edition of Photoshop is free on Adobe’s website and is a good choice for photographers and graphic designers who don’t need any special features. Most of their new features are in the paid $9.99 and $29.99 upgrades. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a full version of Photoshop (full Photoshop, not just Adobe Photoshop Elements) that is free on the Adobe website. Photoshop has more features and is more powerful than Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements is based on Photoshop CS5. It’s the same program, but not as powerful. Adobe Photoshop CC is the latest version and is $19.99/$89.99/$169.99 per year depending on your plan. Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud ($19.99) is based on CC and gives you free updates forever. Adobe Photoshop Express ($9.99) is just what it sounds like: a free web-based Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ($29.99) is Adobe’s photo editing program and offers many effects and features. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic ($19.99) is cheaper but still has similar features. What does Photoshop Elements do? If you’re using Photoshop Elements for a hobby, then you might not need all the features that Photoshop offers. Photoshop Elements is also lighter than the full Photoshop CC and opens fairly quickly. If you’re editing regular (non-print) images, then Photoshop Elements is the best choice. It lacks the special features of Photoshop and is much easier to use. This is my recommended replacement for Photoshop Elements for non-professional or hobby use. If you’re on a college or university computer, then your school may already have the latest version of Photoshop Elements pre-installed on your computer. Since Photoshop Elements is based on the older version of Photoshop, it’s the safer version to open.psd files. You may have opened other Photoshop files that are in this format. To make the most out of Photoshop Elements, you’ll want to learn a few essential techniques and consider some of the tips and tricks in this article. The most important options When working with Photoshop, your most important options are the selections 05a79cecff

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93 Shares 0 93 0 The special Council for the people of the city of Aleppo and the Syrian-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) had a press release on Wednesday about the capture of the Eastern side of the city of Aleppo by the Syrian Armed Forces. For the last two months, the eastern side of Aleppo has been under the control of the Islamic State (ISIS), Turkey and Saudi Arabia supported extremist force through a de-escalation zone plan that was brokered by Russia. The pro-democratic forces, supported by Russia, have been trying to liberate the Eastern part of the city of Aleppo since the beginning of the civil war in Syria. It is worth noting that more than 300,000 people have been killed in Syria since 2011. More than half of the Syrian cities had been liberated before April 2016 when the forces of Bashar al-Assad started consolidating its control of the city of Aleppo. The forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) managed to liberate the city of Raqqa in October 2013 as well as Deir ez-Zor in January 2014. But the forces of the coalition (Kurdish People’s Protection Units, YPG), Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), allies, Russia and other international countries came to the aid of the Syrian Army in April 2016 and had stopped ISIS’s advance and pushed them from most of the cities that they had captured. According to the press release, the forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Russian army managed to liberate the areas of Sheikh Maqsoud, Adra and many other neighborhoods in the Eastern part of the city of Aleppo. During the first and second rounds of air bombardment by the Syrian forces, many districts that were controlled by ISIS were hit. According to the plan, the Eastern side of Aleppo will remain under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces until a project of comprehensive security for the city is completed. This would mean the reestablishment of local councils that will be the local authorities in the liberated districts. “Aleppo is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East, and it had been a capital city of Syria for a long time. It is also the city of resistance, which lived through many military conflicts with Damascus and many other capitals of the Middle East and Europe. This city had a rich history and culture,” Salahaddin Suleiman, the leader of

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Brushes Brushes are different from pens in that you can change the size, shape, stroke weight, and colour, allowing you to paint and draw in the same way as in real life. You can usually change the size, shape, and location of a brush on the right-hand side of the Brush panel. Brushes are often used for painting and retouching images, in which case they are combined with the Brush Tool (see below). You can also paint with brushes on PDFs and Word documents. To use a brush, select one in the Brushes palette or use one of the main brushes in the Brush panel. A brush can be used to erase parts of the image or paint directly over other parts. Brush: Skew Brush A Skew Brush is similar to a Brush but is used for more precise work. You can accurately paint along vectors with it, as well as with different strokes and the brush behaves in the same way as if you were drawing. Brush: Pencil The Pencil tool is used for painting with a brush and is slightly different to a Brush. It also works with vector shapes. You can paint on a new layer or on an existing one. The Stroke Variation tab allows you to select a number of different stroke styles for the Pencil tool. You can change the size, shape, colour, and opacity of the brush and the colour used for drawing with it. This tool can be used to paint within a shape as well as along or outside edges. You can also change the size and opacity of the stroke. Brush: Eraser The Eraser tool is used for erasing parts of an image. It can be used to paint objects, erase objects or simply remove the background. To use an Eraser tool, hold down Shift to create a selection and then click the tool. Brush: Shape The Shape tool is used for drawing a shape in an image. The distance it extends the shape in pixels can be specified, as well as the stroke size. The Shape tool works like a Pencil tool and can be used in the same way to draw shapes. It can be used to paint on a new layer or on an existing one. Shape Tool: Basic Rectangle The Basic Rectangle Tool is used for drawing rectangles in Photoshop. The rectangle tools are one

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