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While we certainly don’t cover all of Photoshop’s features, here we offer some suggestions on what you should know about the program to become proficient in using Photoshop. Step 1: Getting Started Before you begin to learn anything about Photoshop, you should familiarize yourself with its interface, menus, and toolbars. When you open Photoshop, you’ll see the interface for using the program. The Layers Panel houses all of the tools that can be used to manipulate an image, including the background, a selection, and a shape. The Layer Options dialog box displays options for the Tools panel, which contains the main tools such as paths, text, and fills, as well as the tools found in the Tools panel. The Tools panel contains all of the tools that can be used to manipulate an image. The palettes contain all of the tools that can be used to apply, edit, and modify the tools you see in the other panels. The palette contains all of the tools that can be used to apply, edit, and modify the tools you see in the other panels. The menus and toolbars, on the other hand, contain the controls that can be used to manipulate files in Photoshop and the tools used to create images. Understanding the application’s interface can be a challenge. We suggest that you watch some tutorials to be able to navigate Photoshop’s menus and toolbars. Some of the most popular are listed below. Tutorial: How to Do Free Transform in Photoshop How to Convert RGB to CMYK How to Create a Watermark in Photoshop Step 2: Understanding the Layers Panel The Layers Panel houses all of the tools that can be used to manipulate an image. Layers is the fundamental structure of a Photoshop file, and understanding how layers work can really help you in your editing. Each layer represents a distinct area of the image, and the default layer is the Background layer. When you add a layer, it is an additive process. You add new layers, and then you can combine and delete layers. One of the most important things to remember is that a layer is a mask. When you apply a layer, the layer masks the other layer underneath. That is, the image below the layer becomes transparent or dark while the image underneath the layer remains unaffected, allowing you to see the original image. The Layers Panel also contains

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Here’s a list of every feature that every Photoshop Elements user should be familiar with. Photoshop Elements Features Photoshop Elements has an extensive feature set that is easier to use than Photoshop. It is more straightforward and limited in its user interface, but the tools are intuitive. This list of Photoshop Elements features is a broad outline and is not meant to cover all the features. 1. Resize and Resample Images Resize, crop, adjust, and resize again. Everyone knows how to zoom in and out, and Photoshop Elements makes it easy. For the power users, there are additional resampling tools, including bicubic, bilinear, and more. The fun part about resizing and resampling images in Photoshop Elements is that you can do it all in the same image editor. You can either resample the image as a whole, or you can choose individual sections of an image to resize. Image Resizing Examples You can resize images on your own by adjusting the image size, or you can use presets. 2. Copy and Paste Copy and paste is probably the most important feature in any image editor. Photoshop Elements makes it easier than ever to paste your images into other images. You can copy an image by Ctrl+Click (Command+Click on Macs), move it with the arrow keys, or crop it with the crop tool or rectangle. You can also paste an image into another image, create a new image, or into other elements. You can also use Photoshop Elements Copy and Paste features to resize an image. You can copy sections of an image and paste them into a new, smaller image. Image Resizing with Copy and Paste Examples 3. Crop and Rotate Images Crop and rotate is probably the most important feature in any image editor. You can cut out sections of an image, resize, and rotate it, all in the same Photoshop Elements crop tool. There are a number of different tools to choose from, including rectangle, polygon, ellipse, and the fancy circle tool. Image Crop and Rotate Examples 4. Sharpen Images Sharpen images removes the camera noise and makes images look more polished. Sharpen is one of the most popular tools in an image editor, and Photoshop Elements makes it quick and easy to sharpen an image. You can sharpen the entire image or select sections and sharpen them 05a79cecff

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2.1 GHz AMD 1 GB RAM 10 GB available space 1,800 x 1,300 display resolution, NTSC or PAL compatibility DirectX 11 Hardware Acceleration 2.2 GHz Intel 2 GB RAM 4 GB available space 1,600 x 1,200 display resolution, NTSC or PAL compatibility 2.4 GHz Intel 4 GB RAM 8 GB available space 1,200 x 1,600 display

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