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Note that Photoshop CS6 is the only version that officially supports 64-bit Adobe Illustrator files. The 64-bit version of Photoshop CS6 has been available for several months now, but the CS6 Photoshop version came out shortly after. We recommend learning to use both CS6 versions of Photoshop, and using the newer version if you can, since the new capabilities included in the software make it easier to learn. In this chapter, we provide some tutorials that deal specifically with working with Photoshop’s layers and the layer system. One of the things that makes the Photoshop program so user-friendly is the way it stores information about layers, so we begin with a simple overview of layers. The chapter then moves on to some more advanced strategies for how to use layers and the Photoshop interface, including how to place photos on a layer, create and edit masks, and modify the blending modes. ## Scaling the World with Layers It’s easy to see why layers were invented, since they enable you to create, delete, and modify all your digital images on a single layer. You can make adjustments to one thing without changing the images around it. The Photoshop layers system may have an intimidating look, and the manual may seem to be filled with intimidating technical information, but in fact, its power comes from the fact that you can edit things on a single layer. The idea is to layer adjustments on a single layer over your images. More difficult than the physical world is the subject of digital photo manipulation, because digital photos can’t physically move any place. You can’t get up off the couch and move a neighborhood across the street and zoom in on all the houses in it. You can increase or decrease the amount of light or depth of field by moving the aperture or focus point of a lens. You can add or delete elements, change the color of an object, change the amount of contrast, change the brightness, and more. If you have a camera that supports layers, you can increase or decrease the amount of exposure in a single layer, change the color, or tint the picture. In this section, we give you a basic introduction to the Photoshop layers system. You’ll learn a few basic principles and methods, including how to create, modify, and combine layers. You’ll also learn how to create and use masks to isolate certain parts of a picture from other parts. And last, we show you how to play with the blending options and how to create and manipulate selections.

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Updated January 2020: Photoshop Elements 2020 is no longer in active development. The new version is Photoshop CC 2020. As usual, you can download it directly from the Adobe website here: Photoshop Elements 2020 is the newest version of the Photoshop Elements. It has been redesigned from the ground up to create an easy to use, powerful tool for casual users. It also includes major improvements in usability, workflow and performance. You should know that all the features shown in this article are available in the new version as well as a new Creative Cloud membership that you can sign up for with your Creative Cloud ID that will save all your photos. You’ll find more details about these features on the next pages. Unlike most other people in my school, I have never had to learn Photoshop Elements. I used a professional version on my Macbook and here is my experience with it: (Not graphic) 101: Introduction to Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements has been rebuilt from the ground up using the latest technology and is the most powerful, easy to use graphics editor for both casual and professional users. Whether you need to edit a single image or a large collection of images, Photoshop Elements is the right choice for you. If you want to edit some photos or try it out for the first time, you should know that you will learn a lot along the way. When I was starting out I wasn’t aware of how much power the program had and it was hard to figure out some of the new features. Even if you are a pro, there is a good chance that you have at least a few things to learn in Photoshop Elements 2020. You’ll find out what they are and how to do them when you read my beginner’s guide. 1. Elements Pro and Elements 2020 You can download the newest version of Photoshop Elements (PSE) from the Adobe website here. If you don’t have a license for Photoshop or Creative Cloud, you can sign up here to create a free account. As soon as you do, you will get 2.2GB of storage so you can store your photo/ image library and all the licenses that you have. Other available software: All software comes with a free trial, but if you decide to continue, you will have to pay for a license. You can add a Creative Cloud membership 05a79cecff

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OS: XP SP2 or Windows 7/8 CPU: Dual core CPU recommended Memory: 2 GB RAM recommended Graphics: XGA 1024 MB or higher DirectX: Version 9.0c HDD: 600 MB Sound: Yes Network: Yes Input devices: Keyboard & mouse Keyboard: Direct input is recommended DVD/CD-ROM drive: 2.0 or greater Software: WMP Additional Notes: This is an Open Source project with a community based feel

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