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## Chapter 9 ## Choosing and Using a Lightroom Workflow

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Here is a list of the most common Photoshop features and plugins. For a complete list, click here. Brush Features Brushes can be used to paint on images with specific coloration or patterns. They are most often used to simulate media like watercolor or acrylic paint. These can be done in either Photoshop or Elements (and in many cases, both). In Photoshop, a new brush is easily created by clicking the Brush icon and selecting the “Brush presets” option. The brush will appear as a preview and you can select either watercolor or pen. The user interface of Elements includes an option to create a new brush from scratch. You can even adjust the brush’s size, curvature and location, and select its shape. Here are the most commonly used brushes in Photoshop: For more detailed information on brushes, click here. Selection Features Selection is one of the best features of Photoshop. It is essential to manipulate and edit an image by selecting small areas with different colors or patterns. It can also be used to remove small areas of a photo and combine them to create new images. In Photoshop, the tool that allows you to create a selection is the Magic Wand. As you click the wand on an area of an image, the layer is selected until you release the mouse button. To deselect, click the empty area of your image. By selecting the different areas of an image with the Magic Wand, you can use the Select menu to duplicate or merge them, edit them further, or make a new layer. Use the Polygonal Lasso to make selections with any shape. When you are done using Photoshop’s selection tools, you can create a selection directly on the layer by clicking the layers’ thumbnail (in the Layers palette, in the bottom area). You can adjust the selection after you make it by editing the sliders that appear. You can also select different areas in a group by clicking and dragging on the selection, or even delete it. For more detailed information on selection in Photoshop, click here. Layers Features The Layers palette is the heart of a Photoshop file. It is where the file is split into layers with different colors, patterns or even shape elements. It allows you to work on several different images simultaneously. In Photoshop, you can create new layers by using the Layer menu or the Create A New Layer button 05a79cecff

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