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—————————— VARIABLES P1 : symbol of the estimate during production of a building P2 : symbol of a building for production of an estimate P3 : name of the project P4 : each new record in a spreadsheet after creation P5 : name of a stage in a building STANDARDS: lbrdig : first standard – height of the estimate for a half-block lbrdry : second standard – estimate of the estimate of the dry layer lbrwet : third standard – estimate of the estimate of the wet layer lbr : last standard – estimate of the dry and wet layer in the standard FUNCTIONS: SUM – to calculate the overall estimate SUBSTR – to calculate construction period SQRT – to calculate the volume of a cube DIV – to calculate quantity of a material UH : to calculate an area of ​​a half-block QUIT : gives a key that it is a final key of the formula EVALUATE – to evaluate a formula of the calculation FORMULAS: SUM ( SUM x x ) ) GIVEN SQRT x UH x FORMULAS: SUBSTR V H FORMULAS: SUM ( V H x x ) ) UH x FORMULAS: SQRT V H UH x FORMULAS: DIV V H UH x FORMULAS: SUM ( SUM x x ) ) ) GIVEN FORMULAS: SUM ( ( SQRT x UH x ) SUM ) x ) ) GIVEN FORMULAS: SUM ( ( SQRT x UH x

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* It’s the new, so-to-speak, alternative to the regular mechanisms of calculation and performance of estimates in ArchiCAD. Such a calculator is a convenient modification of ArchiCAD for calculation of estimates, cost of a project, calculation of cost of materials, etc. * The user has only to launch it at the same time with ArchiCAD. * Having launched LabPP_Calc for ArchiCAD opens a window, the typical calculator window to receipt of raw data by clicking on the icon of a calculator and execution of a respective operation. * Once receiving data, our calculator gives the result, and, if required, you can check it. * In interface there are no terminals, but the reading of the “mix” words of the Main Dialog window automatically “draws” the tooltip window in the top-left corner of the Main Dialog. * The system of entering the received data is made by means of a keyboard in a structured way, so, if necessary, we can use a computer with a mouse or trackball. * Any attempt to underestimate or overestimate the costs of the operation is shown by a color change in the result field, so it is easy to notice it, in order to correct the error in time. The results of execution of all operations are saved in the files internal table and the user is entitled to display all of them when necessary. * In the structure of operation, the percentage tool can also calculate the “appearance value” of the cost of materials and operations. * In the window with the input forms there are additional functions, such as: a) Formatting of input data by means of formulas, graphic tools; b) User-defined formula of calculation, etc. The user also has the option of entering the additional data directly through a spreadsheet, written in the original file under conditions of individual preferences. LabPP_Calc for ArchiCAD Running: * The system of running is based on work with a command line from a keyboard and execution of a command specified by a name. * The solution for this can be made by the user in a directory after the installation of ArchiCAD, using a command prompt window and specifying the name of the executable of the calculator. No installation is required. * As a result of running a calculator you have to see on the ArchiCAD Main Dialog screen: – an estimate “filled 7ef3115324

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LabPP_Calc for ArchiCAD is a professional tool for performance of operative calculations in ArchiCAD. The spreadsheet is an interface between archicad and an ArchiCAD like programs to give a convenient mechanism of calculation of estimates. The spreadsheet is intended for storage of own calculations in the form of formulas of mathematical expressions. The formulas are supposed to be effective as examples of usages of the program to measure the qualities of a laying on the works for an element. LabPP_Calc for ArchiCAD features: 1. Storage of own formulas of calculations with ability to easy edit and modify the formulas or new creation of formulas. 2. The spreadsheet is intended for storage of own calculations in the form of formulas of mathematical expressions. The formulas are supposed to be effective as examples of usages of the program to measure the qualities of a laying on the works for an element. 3. High speed of execution of expressions of mathematical equations. 4. Another spreadsheet (formula) is intended for transfer of own formulas of calculations from LabPP_Calc to archicad program. 5. Ability to insert own files (xls,excel or text) in the spreadsheet and, entering in them data from the archicad program. 6. Work with the extensions of the spreadsheet as the TOOLS and OTHER files. 7. Interface of spreadsheets and other programs through the buffer of ArchiCAD. 8. Ability to use of calculations with a constant. 9. Ability to redefine the existing formulas of calculation. 10. Ability to define formulas for oneself. 11. Attaches to archicad program file (arcx) to support operation and running. 12. Support of calculations with a constant. 13. Ability to perform calculations with a quantity from X_min to X_max. 14. The spreadsheet is intended for use to specify design technical calculations. 15. Formulas are intended for use as examples of use of the program to measure the qualities of a laying on the works for an element. 16. The formulas are intended to serve as benchmarks for comparison of quality. 17. To provide an ability to plan a design of a construction. 18. The spreadsheet is intended for use for planning and estimate the quantity of materials and amount of works for a laying on. 19. To provide an ability to plan a design of a construction. 20. Exchange of

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1. To begin operation of the program you must install the program from the archive. It is important to note, that you need to run the program from the same directory in which you have installed the program. 2. Load the data of the building for calculation by means of the installer. 3. To begin the calculation of estimates Press the execution mode – opens the additional window of the application. 4. Calculation of estimates finished, press the execution mode again. 5. You can calculate estimates of compensation of lands and terrain with the new 3D model. 6. To clear the data and close the additional window Press the execution mode again. 7. To work with the program on the familiar system (desktop) without the program need to download and install the whole application. ** 8. If operation of the program error occurs you can navigate to the folder ** > LabPP_Calc for ArchiCAD Installation: > Open File – folder Downloads – select LabPP_Calc for ArchiCAD > Open – install as link > Please enter the password: > > It is going to install application. > Click the “Next” > Press the “Finish” Article content OTTAWA — A Senate committee heard from what could be the final witnesses on the looming repeal of the federal ban on the killing of cross-border sturgeon. The Senate’s fisheries committee in Gatineau, Que., wrapped up hearing evidence Wednesday on a bill that repeals the ban on the unregulated killing of the large and semi-protected lake sturgeon, after three days of testimony from government and stakeholder witnesses. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. tap here to see other videos from our team. Try refreshing your browser, or ‘The party is over’: Senators hear final witnesses on new codling ban Back to video The ban was enacted in 2002 under the former Conservative government, which was concerned about the pressure of Asian carp from the Great Lakes into the country’s fresh water systems. While the Conservative government was open to lifting the ban, it was never allowed to pass the Senate. That didn’t stop the Trudeau

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– OS: Windows 7 – Processor: 3.2 GHz or higher – Memory: 4 GB or higher – DirectX: Version 9.0c – Hard Drive: 3 GB or higher 1. Run the game and click on the Load Game button. 2. Choose the game you just downloaded and wait for the game to load. 3. If you experience any issues, please consider that the game uses dynamic resolution and may be in different resolution on your computer compared to the one in the game. To play the

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