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No one could resist a heartfelt present, especially if it's one based on a personal reflection, an inside joke, or the likes. Custom mugs are one of those simple yet lovely gifts you could offer to your friends. Still, before starting the printing operation, which will probably require some outside help, you may want to test out your idea and have a 3D simulator show you what the mug could look like. This is precisely what a software utility such as Mug Animator promises to do for you. Helps you customize a 3D rotating mug First of all, it need be mention that the application’s GUI is intuitive, bundling only a few controls, which makes it an ideal tool even for inexperienced users. In the main window, you are shown an animated white mug whose rotation speed you can easily adjust using the dedicated slider bar. The next step you need to take is select the image you would like to print on your mug, with the option to change its position as you see fit. Unfortunately, your editing options are not that generous, and you cannot even change the color of the mug. Can save your simulation to MP4 or GIF During our tests, we have noticed that the program comes with support for file formats such as JPG, BMP, and PNG. In case you change your mind as to the picture you want to illustrate your mug, clicking the “Reset” button comes to the rescue. At this point, you should be ready to save your new proof as an MP4 video or a GIF. Note that if you opt for the latter, you should be patient since the app takes about 20 seconds to process your rotating mug, and in case you try to interfere with the task, the chances are that it will crash. Apart from that, however, there are no performance issues that you should be aware of, with the only inconvenience being the rather limited feature set. Could use some enhancements All in all, Mug Animator is a lightweight app whose purpose is to implement your gift ideas. It can simulate a custom mug, letting you easily share the result with friends. While it has shown no considerable performance hiccups, the app could definitely use some further development, which could make it even more fun for all users alike.







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Wherever you go, aspia makes sure that you don’t miss out on what’s going on around you. It provides you with notifications, photos, tips and news through your Facebook feed and integrates with apps that can add a personal touch to your experience. What’s new in this version: Some improvements in overall speed and stability; Some fixes and improvements in performance for Windows 8 users; Support for some new apps including Instagram. There’s no denying that Windows 8 takes the cake as the world’s most popular operating system. But before we shift our focus to the upcoming Windows 10, we would like to introduce you to some of the best Windows 8 apps that you can install on your Windows 8 PC or tablet. BuddhaSpeech is a easy-to-use voice recognition software that makes it possible for you to search, record and transcribe audio files directly from Windows Explorer. It comes packed with a complete feature set including: support for Windows 7 and Windows XP; speech templates and audio files; forward and reverse speech search; speech editor (to fine-tune recorded speeches); speech recognition with or without audio; language processing; and language support for 7, 8 and 10. Speech Editor is a small, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder for Windows, offering advanced audio functions like cross-fade and key detection. This software is designed to provide near-instantaneous access to news, weather, stock, currency, sports, and other information, through a fast and easy-to-use interface. Barcode is a rapid developer tool for generating Barcode Data Formats, which can be recognized by many different equipment and applications. Its barcode reader, decoder, serializer, and so on make it the most comprehensive barcode editor and generate plug-in to Office. Free MaxiScan Office Digitizer can assist you to read, scan or fax barcode easily, or use it as a pen input. This is the Windows multimedia solution that includes a variety of features, such as photo editor, music player, media center, and content sharing. You can find all the apps that we have reviewed in this guide in the Windows Store. Here’s how to find the apps that you want to install on Windows 8. Launch Windows Store Tap the Store icon from your desktop to access the Windows Store. If you’re on Windows RT, simply open Settings → System → Store and press the

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Sudoku is a logic game played on a square grid, in which the player must complete a puzzle of numbers 1 to 9 in such a way that each row, column and 3×3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. Development of the game was started in Japan in the early 1970s, and the first known game was published in 1971. Today there are several variants of the game, for example Chu Chu Matsuri. In the modern versions of Sudoku two sets of solutions are given. Uninstall Aspia Torrent Download Description: The uninstall Aspia feature may help you to uninstall Aspia program easily. Don’t worry, because this feature is absolutely clean and safe. This tool will help you to safely and cleanly delete the program that is responsible for the harmful problems on your computer. Uninstall Aspia Description: UninstallAspia removes all the registry files associated with Aspia program. It deletes all the files, folders, sub-folders, registry keys and values. It also deletes Aspia application data and the temporary files. Password Publisher Free password cracker software designed for breaking of passwords stored in various types of files. It supports all major file formats, including user, group and server passwords in the following formats: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz! @ $, $ &'( ) = +,? / * # -.? / \ / +! @ $, $ &'( ) = +,? / * # -.? / \ / -, + & + /! @ $, $ &'( ) = +,? / * # -.? / \ / = – -‘= +, $ &'( ) = +,? / * # -.? / \ / = Auto Hotkey (AHK) is a very powerful and efficient software designed for creating scripts and scripts (automated tasks). AutoHotkey is actually an automation software with a unique character set which can be compared with the «wanna be» or the «wannabe» (personal advanced tool for automation). Keyboard-Mapping utility which allows you to map most common keyboard shortcuts from any application to another application. Universal XP Tweaker – helps you to change Windows XP properties, to change Windows XP shortcuts, 2f7fe94e24

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With Aspia you can create your own message that you can send to your friend. The program makes it easy and you just need to choose the font, style, size, color, etc., and type the message. Then you can send it to your friend, and it will be saved to your “Sent” folder. Aspia Screenshot: iStonsoft SWF to FLA and XML Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use flash editor for to create SWF/FLA movies. It supports to extract movie’s audio from WAV/MP3/OGG/WMA and even mix multiple audio clips into the final Flash project. You also get a few editing functions to adjust the outputted Flash movies, including crop, rotate and color style. iStonsoft SWF to FLA and XML Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use flash editor for to create SWF/FLA movies. It supports to extract movie’s audio from WAV/MP3/OGG/WMA and even mix multiple audio clips into the final Flash project. You also get a few editing functions to adjust the outputted Flash movies, including crop, rotate and color style. Key features: 1.Export swf file to fla 2.Video/Audio Editing 3.Crop, Rotate and Tint FLA and SWF 4.XML import: Flash, MovieClip, SWC 5.Import MovieClip: and Src events 6.Import SWC content: Dynamic Actions, Behaviors, External Swf swc file, etc 7.Export to: SWF (swf / xfl / flash / fla), HTML (Html), PDF, SWF (swf / xfl / flash / fla), FlashPix (Pix), HTML Page (htm / html), HTML Page (htlm / html), XML (xml / xsd / xhtml / xht / xhtml), Flash SWF (swf) 8.Export to SWF: Html4, Jpeg, GIF, Png, Bmp, Tga, Svg, Sony Alpha, Jpg, Windows Media, Sony PSP, Theora, Flv, Psd, Jpe, Jpg, Bmp iStonsoft SWF to FLA and XML Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use flash editor for to create

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The ideal solution for all of the in-house corporate video archive departments. From CMS to Video and Audio Management to high-quality Encoding, the Aspia suite handles it all. Features – Easy to use Media Manager – Full web player and search – Easy to use H.264/MVC and M2TS transcoder – Integrated Media Server – Full support for common formats – 3G/4G router support – Support for most popular mobile devices – Web upload or one-click upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. – Full support for most popular container formats (MP4, MOV, AVI, etc) – Superior encoding and H.264 support – Full-screen mode available Website: The DV Commander 10.05 Build 10.05 is a highly customizable video editor to edit all kinds of video files. It supports multiple video formats like DV, HDV, AVCHD, XDCAM and many more. You can edit with a set of different video filters, effects and transitions. It also supports to create ISO images, burn DVDs, Blu-ray disks and also perform many more functions. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Key Features: – Edit video files – Video Format Support – Video Codec Support – Audio Codec Support – Effect Support – Transition Support – DVD/Blu-ray Support – ISO Support – Format Support – Intervideo Support – Multiple language interface – Source & Log Support – DV Format – SDI Format – RGB & YUV – DCF – DVCPRO – XDCAM Support – H.264 Encoder – H.264 Decoder – H.264 & HEVC Encoder – H.264 & HEVC Decoder – MPEG-4 Encoder – MPEG-4 Decoder – HEVC Encoder – HEVC Decoder – MKV – WMV – WAV – OGG – AVI – ASF – FLV – MP4 – MOV – QuickTime – RAR – VOB – NONE – MP2 – AAC – H.264/AVC – H.264/AVCHD – XAVC – FVF – FLAC – PC

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REQUIREMENTS OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows Vista (SP1) 64-bit or later CPU: Dual Core (2 Cores) Memory: 4GB RAM RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS CPU: Quad Core (4 Cores) Memory: 8GB RAM RECOM

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