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Sure enough it takes a few seconds to find, and launch programs, or video games from corresponding desktop icons, but not if it’s crowded, or even filled with more shortcuts that can fit on your screen. As an alternative, you can use ksTaskbar in order to keep your desktop clean, and quickly launch any kind of file. Perks of portability One of the main advantages is that you don’t even have to go through a setup process to make it work, giving you the possibility to store, and use it directly from a thumb drive on other computers as well. What’s more, the target PC doesn’t get affected in terms of stability, and this is because registries are not modified to ensure functionality. By default, the new launcher is placed right on top of the taskbar, automatically hiding when the cursor isn’t over it. In case you want to keep it active at all times, there’s a dedicated option which can be toggled at the press of a button. Moreover, the panel can be moved to any edge of your screen. Launcher, and note editor in one The application allows you to store any kind of file inside the dedicated space. View type can be changed in order to show large or small icons, a list, or a report, which contains related file details in different columns. Adding new items is easily done by dragging them over the main window. Apart from the quick launch section, there’s also a writer pad you can use. This enables you to write down any important notes, or reminders. Unfortunately, text can’t benefit from any kind of customization options, and neither can you load, or save text to file, not even plain text. In case you want to have the launcher ready when you reach the desktop, the application’s shortcut needs to be manually placed in the system Startup folder. Last but not least, either of the two sections can be disabled by dragging the delimiter all the way to the other end. On an ending note In conclusion, ksTaskbar is a neat taskbar extension, especially if you leave it above. It can be used to quickly launch any kind of file, and even provides the option to add text, in order to set up reminders, or take notes. Although it feels a little rough around the edges, it’s intuitive, and practical overall, and can prove useful on the long run.







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ksTaskbar is a multi-functional extension designed to help you launch programs and files, and to manage the shortcuts you have stored on your system. – Quickly search through all Windows folders – Easily launch programs and files, even if they are hidden – Access, add and remove shortcuts, without the need to go through the regular setup process – Supports several file types, including folders and shortcuts – Split the launcher panel in a list or a quick launch – Drag and drop the launcher panel anywhere on your screen – Easily add, and remove text notes with your shortcut details – Disable either of the two sections at will – Auto-create a shortcut to your custom launcher panel – And much, much more… You can get ksTaskbar from here: ksTaskbar – Multi launcher for Chrome is a simple interface to launch your favorite Chrome programs. Drag to reorder the panels, double click to access the programs. There are two primary features of the application: the desktop switcher and the drag and drop launcher. The desktop switcher lets you cycle between your open windows (or all open windows) when the desktop is presented, and gives you quick access to the programs. The drag and drop launcher lets you quickly launch your favorite Chrome programs by dragging them to the left or right edge of the window, and placing the launcher at the desired location. You can also use it to easily manage your shortcuts. For more info please visit This is a write up of an interesting problem I recently had while trying to make some modifications to my Android phone. After you’ve figured out your root password, you may find yourself trying to use Titanium Backup to backup a phone with a ROM other than the stock ROM that comes with your phone (or to restore one from an older ROM). So, here’s a quick tutorial on how to completely wipe all the settings and data from your Android phone. Backup > Backup options > Back up apps and data > Scan now. If there

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Think of it as a smart, and uniquely stylish replacement for the taskbar. What makes it special is the fact that users can quickly store different shortcut files inside the dedicated space in order to launch programs or files, even from old folders. What’s more, it’s able to hook into your system Startup folder, making things easier if you decide to load it automatically. In case you want to keep it alive at all times, you can do so by enabling it, and then move it to another desktop edge. Best of all, the program can easily be moved to another machine, without installing it in full. Launchers can be stored, and viewed later on. Also, it’s able to access online resources, allowing users to quickly get info regarding content they want to store, or share. Plus, it supports cross-platform editing, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. All in all, ksTaskbar is a neat desktop add-on, and probably one you should check out. Pros Key Features: • Uses only space above taskbar • Users can easily open, or launch files and folders • Notifies you if shortcuts are missing or duplicated • Supports cross platform editing • Has a window manager ConsQ: How to get value of a table cell in a row in a grid view I have a grid view for which I would like to access the value of a cell and put it in a text box. I would appreciate if someone could give me some starting advice on how to do this. I have tried the following code which doesn’t work. I am unable to access it properly. private void RGS_AddNewAudit_CellContentClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e) { // This is where I am trying to access my row data. TextBox toEdit = (TextBox)RGS_AddNewAudit.CurrentCell.Controls[2]; if (toEdit!= null) { //I have tried this line of code if (toEdit.Text == “”) {

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Keeps icons, videos, or pictures in one place. In addition to that, there’s a launcher for launching files without leaving the desktop. Moreover, a note pad can be used to write down notes, and reminders directly on desktop, and there’s also options to disable desktop icons and rename quickly launch icons. ksTaskbar Free Download Latest Version Features- · Keeps icons, videos, or pictures in one place. · In addition to that, there’s a launcher for launching files without leaving the desktop. · Moreover, a note pad can be used to write down notes, and reminders directly on desktop, and there’s also options to disable desktop icons and rename quickly launch icons.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates generally to a system and method for predicting future market trends and developing plan and budgeting strategies based thereon. More specifically, the present invention relates to a system and method for predicting future market trends utilizing historical market trends. 2. Description of the Prior Art Information is power. A company with a competitive advantage in information will inevitably outperform its competitor. Today’s company is aware that acquiring and using information is a must in the business process. And the availability of good, reliable, current and accurate information, is a driving force behind many company’s decision making processes. A company with a competitive advantage in information will continually perform better than those without and this invariably leads to a greater market share. There is a huge business opportunity in having a market leading position in information, and also in having a market leading position in the types of information available to the public. One of the means that have been developed to gain competitive advantage in information is in the use of market trend analysis. Market trend analysis is generally classified as the “art” of anticipating future market trends. The prediction of future market trends is an art that is mostly practiced by professional political or military strategists, market researchers, and market projections specialists. In general, these individuals are those who are already knowledgeable about marketing, supply and demand, finance, politics and economics. More specifically, such individuals are those who are skilled in the process of manipulating, forecasting and analyzing market conditions which can generate insights into future market development, are able to provide excellent market predictions, and are well versed in the different techniques utilized in the art of market trend analysis. Market trend analysis deals with the development of future trends and is generally concerned with two things: (1) the development of trends for


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Playing the game requires a graphics card supporting DirectX 11 and a high-end system. The game offers two different gameplay options: LEVEL PLAY Play the game from beginning to end. Use “Random” as your difficulty level. MISSION PLAY Play a mission. Play through the entire mission, including unlocking the next mission. On the “Create a new mission” screen, you can choose difficulty and a mission list. The mission list includes 20 different missions for the story. NEW GAMEPLAY FEATURES


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