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Rebel is a powerful WiFi personal hotspot which supports the following features: * Share WiFi connection with friends, family and colleagues * Remotely access your computer over the internet * Automatically detects WiFi connection * Configure WiFi access to specific networks * Automatically connect to WiFi hotspots when away from home * Download and Upload data when connected to WiFi network * Upload images from camera or webcam as they are taking * Password protect the hotspot so only the authorized users can access it * Reduce bandwidth consumption (capped data usage) * Support 2G, 3G and 3G+ networks simultaneously * Setup automatically when launched Rebel WiFi is capable of optimizing and reducing the WiFi usage for every user. With the free Rebel 4G cloud backup solution, you can backup files and photos taken by the camera automatically, so you can download and save them on your phone without any data charges. Also, you can access your account information online and securely from anywhere. In addition to 3G, you can use regular WiFi networks also (WiFi only), and it enables you to easily and safely access your wi-fi network even if you forget your password (resets when not connected). This is the perfect app when you are out of home. Repair My Tablet: Your favorite tablet can easily break when used for a long time. You may accidentally drop your tablet on the floor and experience a broken screen. This can be extremely inconvenient. There are a lot of repairs for your tablet. Please try Repair My Tablet! REPORT BROWSE INSTALL – Universal app compatible with all popular mobile devices. – Support Android 2.1 and up. – A better experience is worth waiting for. – The most famous free ebook management app brings you an experience of a real book discovery. Have you ever wondered how a book looks like? What is a surprise in it? Where to find a good book? What makes a good book? How does book look like? – Enjoy thousands of ebooks, full of emotions. – Find a book in just a second. Search by any criterion. – Amazing cover design, a real art. – Find book that you can share with friends or like on Facebook. – Be pleased with unique readers sharing what they like or dislike in a book. – Create your own reading list and share it with the whole world. – Get a book

Rebel WiFi

Rebel WiFi is a free and easy to use client for the popular WiFi program, Connectify WiFi. The interface is simple and easy to use. The icons are also very clear and easy to understand. The current download speed and upload speed are shown in the side panel. You can easily show the connection state. One click is all you need. The speed meter fits on the side panel and does not interfere with anything. It automatically detects the internet connection on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It can be moved to any panel on the right side of your screen and stay on until you click “STOP” in the system tray. You can also change the size of the display by clicking “REFLECT”. Rebel WiFi supports all recent WiFi connection (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac). Please visit to see the full list of features and read more information about the program. * Updates are free of charge, but they only improve our program. * Homepage: * Source code: * Support email address: * Permission: This app is not associated in any way with Google, Yahoo, or Bing. * You can easily get the latest version of Rebel WiFi from the Google Play. ** DONATE REBEL WIFI *** If you like our programs, please donate a few cents to help us to improve it. Your donations go to the developers that help make these apps possible for our customers. If you want to donate, simply click on the menu, and select: “Donate!” System Requirements: It supports all recent WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) connection. It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 and requires no installation. Rebel WiFi is a freeware. ** Screenshot: Rebel Wifi ** Rebel Wifi Screenshot: Rebel Wifi with notification icon App Size: 244.23 KB Rebel Wifi Screenshot: Rebel Wifi with notification and system tray Rebel Wifi Screenshot: Rebel Wifi with notifications and system tray with connection 2f7fe94e24

Rebel WiFi Activator [Latest] A portable bandwidth monitor which can plug into a headphone jack to identify connections, check current bandwidth and display download and upload speeds. The device has an adjustable ‘clamp’ for adjusting the range of the signal. The display is both visual and numerical to facilitate maximum accuracy. Rebel WiFi connects to your PC via a USB adaptor. The WiFi module uses a Novell Nova-Flex connector which plugs directly into the headphone jack of a computer or other device. The device includes a soft (rubber) shield on the back so that it can sit comfortably on your desktop. Rebel WiFi supports popular WiFi hotspots in the UK. Input current bandwidth and update every 30 seconds, while a maximum connection speed of 250 kbit/s is displayed. You can also check and adjust your connected network using the easy to use ‘connect to network’ menu. WITHOUT A DIAL-UP MODEM: This is the one device you need to monitor the bandwidth of your internet connection without using a modem. The included adaptor is a USB / Serial adaptor. The “Serial” port is in the middle of the adaptor. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET: What you get (description of each item, pricing and quantity of each item, as well as details of other product) Unlimited cloud space to store your log files The SuperPAC system for monitoring apps/websites on various PCs Presenting SuperPAC, a complete system for monitoring the use of apps/websites on various PCs. Reasons for monitoring websites and apps: To keep track of the number of visits to various sites To ensure users cannot view child sites or create accounts on other PCs To keep track of site/app usage that may exceed allocated bandwidth To find out which sites and apps users are visiting To unblock known sites, which need to be unblocked by the IT department To keep track of the number of times a specific software has been run To monitor how many times a website and app has been accessed To find out how many times a website and app has been updated/accessed To see which sections of a website are most frequently accessed To view just how much time the user spends on certain sections of a website To compare the usage of a website/app on multiple PCs What you get: A dashboard with a field where you

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We are very happy with the Rebel WiFi, speed and reliability, it works great in our busy environment! The speeds are good and are easy to see. It has a nice big screen to show the current speed as well as to see past statistics. It is a great product and an easy way to keep an eye on how you are using Internet on your business or school computer. As it is listed above, it only works on the WiFi connection. For those who know the Internet Control Panel, this program does show the connection to the LAN router. The RJ-45 is configured for 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection. This is an Ideal WiFi connection speed for most common computer configurations. After the connection is established, all the Internet internet information will be seen on your computer. Rebel WiFi automatically detects the WiFi connection, automatically shows information about download and upload speed, etc. The screen will disappear when the mouse is clicked anywhere else, so it won’t distract you. As it is available on the Internet, it is ready to download. You can have this program installed on all computers on the LAN. Quick Settings: One button will automatically add a hostname so you can easily call it as a hostname instead of using IP address ( by double clicking on the Refresh button.Chromium speciation in groundwater irrigated with mine slimes: part 2: revision of electrochemical speciation concepts. An alternative speciation model of Cr(III/VI) with respect to a single, negative sum reaction (NSC) was introduced earlier. Here we show that this alternative model can be fully used for the prediction of total Cr(III/VI) concentrations in groundwater and model parameters may be estimated more accurately by applying the program SXCALC instead of the widely used SPECFIT computer code. The alternative speciation model includes two reactions, the complexation between Cr(VI) and ligands (ligand speciation reaction, LSX) and the diffusion of ligands and Cr(III) in and out of speciation shells (nonlocalized reaction, NRLX). Recent advances in electrochemical measurement methods, laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS), make it possible to conduct element-specific speciation of trace elements in groundwater. Although numerous studies have been conducted on the speciation of various

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iPad 2 with A5 Processor or later iPhone 4 with A5 Processor or later iPod touch (4th Generation) or later with iOS 4.3 or later 8GB free storage space Additional Notes: Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th Generation) and iPod touch (5th Generation). Instant FX Mobile Mixer has been updated to work with the new iOS7, so we must update it to support iOS 7.

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