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RunAsGUI allows you to configure execution parameters, save them in an encrypted configuration file (RAG extension), distribute it to end users and run applications, scripts and commands using the configuration file. The application offers you the possibility of deciding whether to encrypt the credentials or display a logon window. RunAsGUI Configuration Wizard This module should be installed on the administrator’s workstation. The Configuration Wizard allows administrators to configure execution parameters and save them in a RAG file for later use by the Client Utility. RunAsGUI Client Module This module runs on the user’s workstation. You can choose whether or not you want to install it on client machines, or run from the network. The RunAsGUI client utility reads the encrypted RAG files and executes the commands configured in it. Integration with RD Application and APPD agent · Allow RD Application to schedule jobs in local or remote servers and vice versa. · Allow RD Application to use RAG files. · Allow RD Application to integrate with APPD Agent. RunAsGUI Features: RunAsGUI Client Module: · Allows you to define in which service the application will be launched. · Allows you to decide whether or not you want to use the configuration Wizard for the user. · Allows you to put end user credentials in the configuration file. RunAsGUI Configuration Wizard: · Allows you to set execution parameters that will be used for the program to be launched, and save them in a RAG file. · Allows you to encrypt the end user credentials, and in what service, using the RAG File. · You can create one or many RAG files that will be distributed and run by the Client Module. RDPit.NET This project is a full-featured.NET client library for Microsoft RDP. The library provides a generic model for RDP clients, that conform to RDP Client Connector Specifications. This model is used by RDP client libraries, like “Windows Terminal Services (Terminal Server)” RDP client, for example. RDPit.NET does not only allow developers to write clients, but it also provides a very flexible way to create data-driven RDP clients, with easy integration with existing tools or frameworks. RDPit.NET: · Allows you to create RDP clients with a few lines of code. · The code you write is understandable from design perspective

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RunAsGUI is an advanced Run As user access control (UAC) plugin which allow you to configure your RunAs user accessto allow only specific tasks. If you are looking for a simple GUI control, you can use other tools like Run As GUI. Run As user access control is a mechanism that requires the user’s credentials. You can configure the groups and users that can access to resources. This plugin allows you to define task groups of programs to be executed when users run a specific task. Groups are defined as ‘Users of group’ and you can use wild cards or login names to define groups. You can create groups and edit and delete them. You can also define tasks that can be executed by users. You can set the task type (command / script / etc). You can set the command that will be executed. You can also assign the execution parameters that are going to be displayed. You can define specific access rights to users and groups, so a user can only execute the tasks from a specific task group or the files of a specific path. Tasks Groups can be combined together to create more complex task groups. You can define a shortcut to execute a task. You can execute tasks from the command line. You can assign a comment to any task or group. You can execute tasks when the system starts or restarts. Task.exe and checkbox = Custom Task If you want to configure the function of this tool I suggest that you install it on your system, then open it and run it as administrator; if it says that it can be installed or uninstalled I suggest that you install it. You will see two tabs: File Explorer: From here you can add and create file links. Drag and Drop: From here you can add and delete files that will be linked. Right-click on the task group to edit or delete the task group. If you double click on the task group, from here you can assign specific access to the task group to a user and a group, you can view and edit the command definition, view the parameters that will be displayed when the user executes the task. You can also edit the shortcut you assigned to the task (if any) so that the user only have access to view the task group. If you double click on a 2f7fe94e24

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· RunAsGUI is a utility designed to allow users to avoid typing their credentials every time they run a privileged program. · You can use RunAsGUI to avoid typing the credentials of a privileged user when they want to run a privileged program. · The configuration file that is created by the Configuration Wizard can be used by the RunAsGUI client utility. · When the RAG file is decrypted, you can decide whether or not the message box that pops up asks you for credentials. · The client utility can also be run from the network. In this case, you can use the “Reconnect” button on the main window to reconnect to a server in case the network connection is lost. · The RAG file can be encrypted using a password that is shared by the administrator and the client utility. · The client utility can automatically attempt to decrypt the RAG file using the password. · If you have enabled the “Skip Credentials” option on the main window, the client utility does not attempt to decrypt the file. · You can use the settings dialog box on the main window to modify the RAG file. · The settings dialog box contains the following settings: o “Prevent Message Box” o “Enable Non-Privileged Execution” o “Skip Credentials” o “Use RAG File” o “Suppress Error Messages (if enabled)” o “Build Recursively” o “Reconnect Client to Server” o “Reconnect before deploying client utility” o “Update Server Information” o “Stop when logged on as the currently logged-on user” o “Skip Windows Features” o “Only connect to the computer if it is running RunAsGUI” · The program includes the following executable programs: o RunAsGUI Configuration Wizard o RunAsGUI Client o RASClient o Credentialiser o RAGFileExplorer o Load RAG File o Export RAG File o Clean RAG File o Convert RAG File to Cracked RAG o Crack RAG File o Replace RAG File o Install RAG File o Rebuild RAG File o Save RAG File o Uninstall R

System Requirements For RunAsGUI:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.0 Ghz or AMD Athlon 64 @ 3.0 Ghz or better RAM: 512MB of RAM is recommended for best performance Windows: XP/Vista/Win 7 Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card (S3TC textures are recommended) DirectX: Version 9.0c is highly recommended. For compatibility with previous versions of DirectX, use the latest Direct3D versions available on the Web site. Monitor: 1280×1024 or higher resolution Sound:

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