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ShapeBuilder is a tool for doing a wide variety of structural engineering tasks related to shapes and their properties. Originally this tool calculated basic section properties for plane areas; properties like area, moment of inertia, section modulus, and more. The “Big Idea” for ShapeBuilder is that you can quickly determine the structural section properties of a complex built-up or cut-down cross section. ShapeBuilder also incorporates many additional features including stress analysis, composite properties, reinforced concrete capacity analysis, and more. ShapeBuilder is also the tool for IES shape database customization. Get ShapeBuilder and try it for yourself to see what it’s all about!


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Download ❤❤❤ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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– Calculate section properties for virtually any shape and part of a shape. – Distinguish between welded and unwelded section properties. – Calculate the section properties of a series of different shaped cross-sections without having to do a lot of work. – Create custom section properties for specific projects. – Eliminate complex formulas from your design process. – Get an easy way to determine the section and composite properties of a custom shape. – Easily enter an IES shape into ShapeBuilder Free Download. – Calculate the cross section properties for virtually any shape in seconds. – Calculate the section properties, stress, and modulus of the cross section areas. – Calculate the property at any number of intersections. – Analyze a series of cross sections quickly, from complex shapes to sections. – Build or select existing shapes and load them into ShapeBuilder. – Analyze the cross section properties of an existing shape. – Generate standard properties for all cross section shapes. – Customize the section properties for any shape or part of a shape in seconds. – Define your own custom section properties. – Calculate the section properties at any number of intersections. – Generate section properties for parts of a shape. – Specify the properties to evaluate. – Calculate the section properties for a single cross section or a series. – Calculate the property at any number of intersections. – Save your sections to the file system, into a database, or both. Features: – Base Type – Preset Type – Custom Shape – Custom Cross Section – Custom Properties – Convert Cross Section to Line Element – Custom Fill – Save to a file – Load from a file – Load from Excel – Load from CSV – Load from a database – Load from a model – Load from a plot – Load from another program – Save to a model – Save to a database – Save to a plot – Save to another program – Load from a plot – Load from another program – Export to a file – Export to Excel – Export to CSV – Export to a database – Export to a model – Export to a plot – Export to another program – Load from a plot – Save to a plot – Export to a file – Export to Excel – Export to CSV – Export to a database

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ShapesBuilder is a tool for doing a wide variety of structural engineering tasks related to shapes and their properties. Version History: Version 1.5 – Added a tab at the top of the program to allow the user to select the Shape Created and then it will calculate properties of the created shape and generate a tab. Version 1.4 – Added a program upgrade notification and bug fix regarding an issue where properties would not calculate correctly. Version 1.3 – Changed the way properties are calculated. Old versions of shapes will need to be re-created to use new version of the program. Version 1.2 – Added the ability to place in variables numbers of results to be calculated. This will be used for later iterations of the shape. Version 1.1 – Changed the way the geometry is calculated to prevent crashes with older PC versions. Version 1.0 – Initial Public Release Copyright 2011 by Electronic Modelling and Simulation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Layout This layout chart is designed for viewing the main window and side-bar at a wide angle. Start My ShapeBuilder Each shape created and saved in this application can be opened from the START MY SHAPEBUILDER button. Start My ShapeBuilder Main Window Main Window with items and widgets selected Main Window with shape properties items for selected shapes Main Window with properties of selected shapes Main Window with changes to properties items Main Window with sections properties of selected shapes Main Window with properties of sections selected Main Window with export selected Main Window with history of changes Main Window with selected attributes Main Window with selected actions Main Window with saving options selected Main Window with help options selected Main Window with gauge options selected Main Window with settings selected Open Recent Shapes Click the Open Recent Shapes button and the following window will appear Open Recent Shapes Open Recent Shapes with ShapeCollection selected Open Recent Shapes with SectionCollection selected Open Recent Shapes with GeometryCollection selected Open Recent Shapes with AttributeCollection selected Open Recent Shapes with ActionCollection selected Open Recent Shapes with GaugeCollection selected Open Recent Shapes with Settings Collection selected Open Recent Shapes with Help Collection selected See File and Help About Click the See File 2f7fe94e24

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=========================================== ShapeBuilder is a powerful shape design program for creating, viewing, and analyzing 3D shapes. ShapeBuilder was developed to meet the needs of the structural engineering profession. ShapeBuilder’s graphical user interface, ease of use, and powerful set of features, including section properties and stress analysis, make it an ideal tool for all structural engineers. With standard shapes like T-sections, U-sections, and square and rectangular tubes, ShapeBuilder calculates and displays basic sections properties, such as area, moment of inertia, section modulus, and more. Any cross section shape can be created by using the cutting planes functions or by using a computer-optimized solid-modeling utility. ShapeBuilder also features a data base capability. You can create your own shape database to store your own custom shapes, and to use your own shapes in calculations. You can also edit your own shapes using the ShapeBuilder Composing and Editing software. A shape library provides the capability to display and compute the cross section properties of a custom shape, simply by name. ShapeBuilder Uses: ========================== ShapeBuilder is suitable for use in a wide variety of engineering applications. It is very useful in analyzing and solving structural problems. Engineers can use ShapeBuilder to: – create custom complex shapes – analyze complex shapes – perform simple stress calculations on complex shapes – quickly create and find shapes in a shape library – find properties of a cross section – view shapes and cross sections – create and view animations of cross sections – transfer a section’s properties to another shape – determine the effects of embedded reinforcement on a section’s properties Comparing ShapeBuilder to other tools: ============================================================ ShapeBuilder has many advantages over other structural analysis tools. ShapeBuilder’s automatic section properties calculations are a major advantage over other tools. ShapeBuilder also offers built-in section properties, stress analysis, and embedded reinforcement. It can read and import shape files created by QuickShip. Many CAD programs include features similar to ShapeBuilder. ShapeBuilder can read and import many of them, and is more powerful than many of them. ShapeBuilder Limitations: ========================== Some sections cannot be analyzed with ShapeBuilder. If your section is not included in the ShapeBuilder section properties list, but you need to analyze it, you can use the “Modify Section Properties” feature to add it. Some of the material properties in ShapeBuilder are

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Input a geometry to get the properties of the section. It can be a polygonal, spline or 3D object. Select the kind of section you are interested in. It can be a general section, a beam, a bar, a column, a hinge, or even a plane area You will get properties calculated including section properties, section properties or composite properties. You can also select which properties you are interested in calculating. Once you have a result, you can “Flatten” it down to a single line (for example, a bar or column section on a beam). How-To: A number of options are on the “Options” tab of the “Profile Properties” dialog box. For example: As you change the various option settings you will see the tab of the “options” dialog box change to reflect what you have chosen. So, to choose a general section, choose “General Section” and then the properties of interest will be displayed. Here’s a link to a PDF file that has a description of the very basics of ShapeBuilder. This document is for Microsoft Windows only. Web Page: The full web page for ShapeBuilder can be viewed at: H: R: Windows Software: You can use ShapeBuilder for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. You can use ShapeBuilder in the stand-alone version or you can use it embedded in Windows Forms. There are several other methods for getting this software for Windows. One method is the full version purchased from OTR, Inc. Or, you can get a copy of ShapeBuilder sent to you via email. The Windows Software is available to purchase online through the software store on the web site. If you do not have the web site in your browser, you may need to setup the web site address in your Internet Options/Connection Settings. There are two versions of ShapeBuilder available for Windows. The Stand-alone version is usually more powerful and more flexible, but the embedded version is easier to use and understand. For the embedded version, the shapefile is loaded into a Windows Forms window. Standalone version: The standalone ShapeBuilder is a stand-alone

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