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Sprint Reader provides a feature to help you read faster. It has a unique setting to help you absorb and learn more from your reading process. Features & Benefits Sprint Reader helps you increase your reading speed. It can capture the text that you read regularly. You can learn from your reading process by observing the speed you read. It has a unique setting to help you increase the speed of your reading. It has a unique setting to help you absorb and learn more from your reading process. You can choose how you wish to read. You can choose the font and color to make it more readable. You can choose the speed setting to make it more interactive. You can choose where to stop. You can choose whether to place a pause mark. You can choose the position of the words you’ve read so far. You can choose the position of the next words after you click the next button. You can choose the orientation of the text. You can choose whether to make the text bigger or smaller. You can change the slide-time. You can specify the delay before printing. You can specify the delay before starting the next slide. You can specify the delay after reading the comma. You can specify the delay after reading the period. You can specify the delay after reading the next paragraph. You can select the font that is to be displayed in the slides. You can select the text that is to be displayed in the slides. You can choose the slide-time. You can switch to right to left mode. You can choose to have automatic text orientation. You can choose to have a delay before starting the next slide. You can choose to have a delay before stopping. You can set the orientation of the text. You can specify the position of the next words after you click the next button. You can set the size of the text to be displayed. You can switch between different fonts. You can switch between the right-to-left and the automatic orientation. You can set the WPM speed. You can set the font size. You can set the color. You can switch the pause-mark to the slide-forward, the slide-backward, or none. You can change the slide-time. You can modify the default settings. Screenshots: Get all the best features of this application by downloading it from the

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• Change font type and size, color scheme, speed. • Change speed of words per minute. • Customize zoom. • Convert to left to right. • Limit your Reader to specific things. • See remaining time before automatic pauses. • Zoom in text and see mouse hovers. • See word highlights and typed words. • See words in the context of the text. • Linger effect on slides. • The Reader automatically stops after the words are read. • Abort a Reader if it takes too long. • See the speed of words per minute. • The Reader auto-saves each Reader. Sprint Reader Screenshot: Have you ever tried to read faster? If so, you may be aware of your sub-vocalizing habit. Many of us don’t even have a clear idea why this happens, though. What most of us know, however, is that there are plenty of methods that help you get out of this habit. Sprint Reader is one of those methods. This tool is an extension created by Google, which can be easily installed and activated from Chrome Web Store. Once you have downloaded and installed it, the plugin will only take a couple of minutes to activate. It is important to note that you can just use Sprint Reader to increase the speed of your reading. This tool can really make a huge difference, especially when you are reading long articles. For example, if you want to read a huge novel, you could divide its chapters into sentences or you could even make the sentences shorter. However, increasing the speed of your reading is not the only benefit that you can enjoy from Sprint Reader. This tool also has plenty of other unique features. Allow you to control the font of the text Sprint Reader is the fastest way to read a long article. However, this tool also can help you with your productivity and you can focus on what you are doing without having to bother about the word-by-word comprehension. For example, you could spend your reading time by solving a puzzle, doing the crossword, or by playing Solitaire. Also, you can avoid getting distracted by the text and you will not get tired. Control the text speed This is one of the most important things in the life of a fast reader. According to the studies, you lose a lot of your reading 2f7fe94e24

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With this nifty tool, you can access the right-click menus on Chrome on any website, and this will convert it into a speed-reading machine. It will read at a fixed pace, then pause the reading process when you type or paste clipboard text. All the data is stored in a local cache that will refresh when you next access the website in question. Sprint Reader Reviews Sprint Reader is a good speed-reading tool that makes it possible to increase your reading speed, and improve your understanding of what you read. Not only that, but if you have any controls in your hands, or any document/page with critical information, you can safely save all of them for later. Substo how helpful Sprint Reader actually is, it does not work on all webpages. Sprint Reader comes with a free trial, so you can try before you buy! Sprint Reader FAQ How can I use Sprint Reader? Sprint Reader is an extension that is compatible with your favorite web browser, so it can be used when you visit any website. What is the difference between Sprint Reader and OverSlurper? The difference is in the amount of customization you can make. Sprint Reader is an extension that modifies your reading speed to read faster, while OverSlurper is a website that allows you to read faster. What is Sprint Reader’s file size? It’s a small 52.6KB. Why does your website have to have content that is read? Sprint Reader needs content that is read to work. It checks the webpage you want to speed read, and then the other pages are a lot faster. How do I install Sprint Reader? Sprint Reader is a free extension that can be installed with a link in any browser web browser and Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. How do I activate Sprint Reader? Sprint Reader can be activated from its icon in your browser. Why should I use Sprint Reader? When you use Sprint Reader, you can read at a fixed speed, and save the entire webpage by saving just the text from the current page. Additionally, you can pause and resume the reading process with the keyboard shortcuts. Is the use of Sprint Reader safe? Sprint Reader is safe, the extension is benign. You do not need to worry about the extension “using”

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Supports right-to-left reading and allows for customization. Installs as a Google Chrome extension. Compatible with Google Chrome. Advanced customization options. Settings options. How to install: The trial version of Sprint Reader is currently available. However, for $9.99, you can buy the Pro version that allows you to unlock some features. The trial version has a limited functionality, and to enjoy the full feature set you need to buy the Pro version for $19.99. This includes a lifetime license and access to frequent updates. The trial version doesn’t have the customization options available in the pro version. To unlock the latter, you need to purchase it for $9.99. Finally, if you’re looking for an alternative, you can always use Readability, which is a tool that has its own dedicated and extensive user reviews. Speed down Skype to reduce connection and battery drainage. Skype is already considered as one of the best VoIP applications but it does not come without cons as you might be running into some of the usual battery problems that most of us experience. In this article, we will show you how you can reduce the connection and battery draining issue that you are most likely facing right now while Skype running in the background, which can be achieved by forcing Skype to use less resources when it’s not being actively used and by reducing the number of network connections that it keeps on probing the internet for data. One way to control Skype’s connection-probing functionality is to use a third-party app like Guava Proxy which allows you to give your device a network proxy. Skype does not work with proxies but Guava Proxy solves this by reverse-proxying the network connections for Skype. Note: This will effectively terminate all active Skype sessions on your device. Go to the Guava Proxy website and download the latest version of Guava Proxy. After downloading, open the app and click the Connect button located at the bottom-right corner. You will be presented with a screen similar to the one shown below. The first thing you should do is select the source that you wish to forward the incoming requests for Skype from (in most cases, this is your WiFi router). Then, in the next window, you can select the origin IP of the Skype connection that you want to forward. Next, enter the destination IP of the Skype connection that you want to forward. You can also set the port

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Minimum: OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1 Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.5 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM Hard Drive: 30 GB free space Graphics: 1280×800 recommended DirectX: Version 9.0 Network: Broadband internet connection Sound Card: DirectX compatible Additional Notes: You can use a joystick to play this game. The vertical axis of the joystick will be used as a left-right movement. Clicking the stick

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