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In All Day Dying, you play as Kim, a carefree woman with an alarming lack of happiness in her life. Every morning as soon as she wakes up, you must seek out someone who is about to die and prevent them from doing so. To pass the time, Kim crafts fantastic items out of toy parts. The tale of All Day Dying takes place over the course of one fateful day. Kim must outwit her way into the past in order to save her friends from an unavoidable fate at the hands of another enigmatic character. And in order to save her friends, Kim will be able to upgrade her craft-powered tools. KEY FEATURES • Remake of the indie hit of 2012! • Comes packed with all content from the original game, plus the brand-new ‘Hidden Streets’, ‘The Woods’ and ‘On A Train’ levels! • An all-new collection of unique soundtracks! • Thanks to the huge success of the first game, the sequel has been in development a lot longer than originally intended, and the entire game’s engine has been rebuilt. This has allowed us to put in a lot of effort to make sure that the gameplay flows beautifully and offers hours upon hours of playtime, without the hassle of being limited by the engine’s capabilities. • And don’t forget, the game is still free! ABOUT THE DEVELOPER: In February 2012, All Day Dying took the indie gaming world by storm. Since then, the game’s popularity has grown even further, and the huge response and positive reviews earned the developer considerable notoriety. But what is the developer’s name? Well, I’m pleased to inform you it’s NOT Zeboyd Games! The developer behind All Day Dying is a company called The Secret Codename. Its staff hail from all across the globe, however each person’s contribution was significant and meaningful, and the end result is something truly extraordinary. The Secret Codename is a developer that listens, tries new things, and has a very good understanding of what is most important to our community and what not. They are a delight to work with, and I am personally very thankful to have this talented team on my side. If you enjoyed the original game, you’ll love what we’ve been working on – all the content from the original is here again, along with a whole bunch of great


Gehinnom Features Key:

  • Brand New and High Quality.
  • All copyrights and serial numbers are included in this package.
  • Perform like never before. Easiest Tiger II tank game.
  • Full HD graphics. Resolve all difficult shooting conditions vividly.
  • Easily choose the shooting position and control.
  • Easy intuitive control.
  • The campaign could continue as many times as you want to play this War game, making it a truly endless experience!


    Battlefield: Controls

    Manage your vehicle and keep vehicles safe from enemy’s fire!

    Easy controls:

    Mouse is enough to control your vehicle! Use Mouse to drive and aim with the Mouse!

    Advance controls:

    Mouse is enough to control your tank.

    Join the unforgettable game war against a mighty O.K.N (Overseas Korean Nation) in this exciting tank shooting game! Fly as the Tiger into the battlefields of Europe and Korea and engage in fierce action with battleships and planes from wars for 3 years to 2 weeks!

    In the final war, surviving tanks in the South

    Prevail to the North with your mighty Tiger and continue to fight until the South Korean Armies disband!

    How to Play:

    Feel more real experiences at the controls!

    The full control of each tank. When the mouse is close to the vehicle, the control approaches. Mouse left-click. When near the water, transition. Air brakes will be activated.

    Secondary, this game features Swapping brakes


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    FEATURES 1. Easy and Intuitive controls for rapid gameplay. 2. Each Protector has two types of special attacks with different levels of intensity. 3. A wide variety of enemies in the game to fight, will challenge your ability to control all of them.4. Easy mode for children, but difficult to reach the max-level of the game. 5. But for more advanced players there is a max-level mode for an even more challenging gameplay.6. More than 5 different levels of increasing difficulty.7. Protect the Cells from extinction to avoid them falling into oblivion. 8. Share your score with your Facebook friends. 9. Protectors are based on some characters from the epic Cartoon Star Trek series.10. A great sound for a fun and easy arcade game.11. A list of achievements based on a play-by-play system.12. An original soundtrack inspired by the game.13. Can customize your favorite Protector to look just like you.14. Discover a new world of games, an ultimate experience.Pandemos plays best on iOS and iPad (A10). Download the game now and discover the Collector’s Edition with extra content and access to exclusive bonus! After completing the game, you will unlock a new world of games and abilities. What are you waiting for? Download the game now! (Please, turn off your Wi-Fi if you are experiencing problems.) Who we are: The company GRACE Games Group was formed in 2011. Our CEO is Pato Pavlic, is born in Zagreb, Croatia, and is now living in Belgrade, Serbia. Currently, we have about 20 members who, together with the staff of Game Freak, take care of the development of all the projects. The support of a group of talented and experienced programmers and artists makes us different from other development studios. We only work on a limited number of games, we make them and we create them. Our Team specializes in creating video games of different genres. We have several games that we are proud of. We have more than 50 thousand downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store and counting. We focus on high-quality, high-adventurous, original games, and we are a bit focused on older generations. What we do: We are a creative company, developers, who come up with unique, original projects. The most interesting, a bit more complex projects, based on quality and not on the number of downloads. Having


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