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A: First one should be: $ curl -s -d ” ” There might be better ways, of course, depending on what the client already does. Q: Delete subscription rule while assigning a tag in apex? I have an objecct A in a bandwith and trying to assign a tag T to that object so I wrote this code to assign my tag. A.update([SELECT ID,Name,Tag__c,_ModifiedById FROM Account WHERE Id =:A.Id]); I want to delete the following tag because I don’t want to have the same tag with different values assigned to the same object, how can I do that? A.tag__c = T; A: Found it, I did this: A.tag__c = null; A.update(); Thanks KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police say a priest who started a fire while cooking in his rectory kitchen in downtown Kansas City, Mo., on Jan. 31 wasn’t aware that a building ordinance required him to notify the fire department before starting a fire. He was ticketed for failure to comply, but the ticket wasn’t given to him, and he never paid the $85 fine. He said he knows if he doesn’t pay the fine, the case will be dropped. “I have money problems and I won’t have money to pay for this,” Father William Weimann told KCUR, “So I need a way to pay.” Father Weimann says he lit a fire to make coffee in the kitchen of his rectory at about 11:15 a.m. He says he was cooking because he had been awake since 6 a.m. and hadn’t eaten. He says he won’t be giving up his habit of making coffee in his kitchen. “I can do it without bothering anybody,” he said. “If it’s in the rectory, it’s not bothering anybody.” He says it was the fire that woke the parish’s temporary administrator, who called 911. “I guess I was making a racket,” he said. The fire displaced the parish treasurer, administrator and the financial advisor.

Videoprohibidodejocelynmedinaonline. nl.yo¯º videoprohibidodejocelynmedinaonline. 2010.08.22 12:00 · Anime Ratten Hnt27 Free Download Full Version.Q: Organising fixtures in Rails 2.x/3.x I would like to know how best to structure fixtures in Rails, i.e., the exact file locations. I know that in Rails 2.x you can put fixtures in src/fixtures/test_users.yml and include them with fixtures :test_users, but this doesn’t play nicely with sass and sprockets. It’s much easier to name the files something like fixtures_test_users.yml and include them like this: fixtures :fixtures_test_users, and have a corresponding _test.yml file. However, when you do this, I can’t reference the test user’s email in my test. Is there a way to do this without having to name the files explicitly, and having to maintain the two kinds of files manually? A: Create a sub-folder at the root of the “test” folder for the fixtures, so for example: # fixtures/test | |-users | – app_users.yml | – toxic_users.yml |-companies This is how I do it and it works great for me. A: You can also use Rails 3 migration with fixtures with Proc, it’s like this: country = Country.create(:name => ‘United States’) generate_fixture(‘country’, :country, ‘users.yml’, {:id =>}) rake db:test:prepare Show HN: HN – reddit in the browser, data-coupled – eitland ====== eitland As per the title, we are open to any feedback you may have. We started hacking this about a year and a half ago

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