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AutoCAD is a widely used, multi-platform computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software. AutoCAD is available as a mobile and web app on Android and iOS. The free version of the software runs on Mac and Windows systems. AutoCAD has been the most widely used desktop CAD software for commercial enterprises since its introduction in 1982. Originally developed as a desktop app for a single user to use on a computer with a graphics card (graphics processor) it quickly grew in size and scope. At the time of its original release, it was one of the first commercial CAD applications to provide a comprehensive set of commands and functions. For various reasons, many CAD programs eventually found their way to the desktop of a single user, although many users opted for PC-based CAD software such as MicroStation for their personal needs. It was not until the introduction of PC-based CAD software on Apple’s Macintosh platform, however, that the desktop CAD market became viable and more widely available. Apple introduced a similar CAD program in 1989, called CorelDRAW, which took advantage of the new PowerPC chip technology. While Mac users quickly embraced it, Windows users at the time seemed less keen. What follows is a brief history of AutoCAD. History of AutoCAD 1983 – Autodesk first introduces AutoCAD, and its initial release is on a Macintosh and a PC. By the end of the year, it is expanded to an 80386-based machine, offering 32,768 levels of precision in two dimensions (X and Y). January 1984 – AutoCAD is introduced on an IBM mainframe, and by the end of the year on the first Pentium based minicomputer, the NewTek 20. 1985 – The first version of AutoCAD on the IBM PC, as its name was then (AutoCAD) offers dual precision, with a floating point for 2-D and an integer for 3-D. December 1986 – A Macintosh version is released, allowing the Autodesk Computer to offer the first professional-quality CAD package for Macintosh. 1986 – AutoCAD is first released for Microsoft Windows. 1988 – A variant for the Apple Macintosh platform, first called AutoCAD Map, is introduced. September 1988 – Autodesk releases a generic version of AutoCAD for the PC, Mac and Apple Macintosh platforms. 1990 – The name

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Programming Many programming languages are used to create AutoCAD extensions and add-ons. These include AutoCAD’s own standard programming languages, Visual LISP and Visual Basic, C++, AutoLISP, Adobe Systems’ Flash ActionScript, and programming languages compiled to x86 (the x86 and x64 versions of AutoCAD are almost identical except for the memory limits of each version) and/or the assembly language. The Assembler component of AutoCAD can also produce x86, x64 and ARM assembly code for the commands it generates. See also AutoCAD 360 (disambiguation) Comparison of CAD editors for Unix References Further reading “How Automation Works in AutoCAD”, ADTUWP, 01/2004 “Book review: AutoCAD 2009 User’s Guide: A Professional’s Reference on the Complete AutoCAD 2009 System”, MATLAB Central File Exchange, 07/2007 “AutoCAD Architecture Dictionary.” Autodesk Exchange Apps. Autodesk, Inc. Web site, accessed October 25, 2013 “AutoCAD Architecture 2009: Book Review”, MATLAB Central File Exchange, 01/2008 External links Autodesk Exchange Apps AutoCAD extensions. Autodesk, Inc. Web site, accessed October 25, 2013 Category:Computer-aided design software Category:Computer-aided design software for Windows Category:3D computer graphics Category:Graphical user interfaces for Linux Category:Computer-aided design software for LinuxQ: PHP | MYSQL | Manipulate queries I have a script that automatically updates my database. At the moment it searches for a certain row with the same specific information and updates that particular row. But i want it to update all records of that table that have that specific value. So for example if i have 3 rows of that table, and i set one value to one record, and 2 to another one, but i set the 3rd value to another record, it would update the first 2 records aswell. What is the best way of doing this? This is the code that checks for that record: $updateSQL = “UPDATE `accurinti` SET `Total` = (SELECT SUM(`Total`) FROM `accurinti` af5dca3d97

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Open the AutoCAD 2010 program. On the main menu, select File > New > Drawing. Create a new drawing and enter a name in the name field. On the Main menu, select View > Window > XY-Slices On the main menu, select View > Object, type XY-Slices, and press Enter. The XY-Slices dialog box appears. Click the XY-Slices tab and type the name of the layer you wish to create the XY-Slices for. For example, if you want to draw the XY-Slices of a hypothetical face, type the name FaceXY. Click OK to create the layer. Choose View > Slices On the main menu, select Slices > X-Slices Click the name of the X-Slices layer. The X-Slices dialog box appears. Click the arrow button next to the X-Slices field, and type the number of horizontal slices you want to generate. You can optionally draw the XY-Slices with a grid. You do this by clicking the Grid option button at the bottom of the dialog box. Click OK to generate the X-Slices. Choose View > Slices On the main menu, select Slices > Y-Slices Click the name of the Y-Slices layer. The Y-Slices dialog box appears. Click the arrow button next to the Y-Slices field, and type the number of vertical slices you want to generate. You can optionally draw the XY-Slices with a grid. You do this by clicking the Grid option button at the bottom of the dialog box. Click OK to generate the Y-Slices. Close the XY-Slices dialog box. Use the Show/Hide command to toggle the XY-Slices layer. Exit the XY-Slices dialog box. Drawing the XY-Slices Make sure that the XY-Slices layer is visible. On the main menu, select View > Slices Click the arrow button next to the X-Slices field, and select AutoCAD Draw Order > Right You can now draw a line to a point in the XY-Slices layer. Click the arrow button next to the Y-Slices

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Import from PDFs or RTF Save files to a CPL for output on the Web, CD, or DVD Easy, secure access to markup on-the-go Save personal comments and conversations Work on “personal” drawings and PDFs Print with InDesign: Print layouts directly from AutoCAD or other CAD applications. ( Eliminate printing and exporting Edit documents in InDesign Quickly find and share PDFs on a network Easy, secure access to markup from anywhere Edit existing drawings with new artwork or client feedback Save personal comments and conversations Personalization: Select a theme or automatically apply your favorite color. Get “My Collection” to save your favorite layouts and projects for later reference. Get content from trusted cloud providers, including Box and Dropbox. Go paperless: Use a stylus, mouse, or touch screen to edit drawings and copy and paste selections. Create drawings in a linear fashion, or revert to a 2D view. Tray icons provide easy access to the tools you use most often. Take advantage of enhanced 3D capabilities: Model, animate, and move your 3D objects in space. Change the order of objects, even in 3D. Quickly access and connect to models and images Edit drawings from other applications with 3D navigation tools Draw and track in 3D with cameras, lasers, and other sensors. Display and publish your designs: Publish drawings with a logo and other customizable information in the header. Create a customized color and logo for your drawings. Use standard graphic sizes to print, email, and publish Bring AutoCAD into the 21st century: Collaborate with others, review their edits, and work together on a common CAD space. Group objects, layers, and drawings together for a common view. Model and animate your designs, and use some in-CAD 3D tools. Create reusable sets of styles. Create objects with 3D and realistic rendering. See the forest for the trees: See the big picture by panning around the viewport. Drag a slider to adjust the scale of your drawings. Get alerts when your project gets too big

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