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Roblox is an online game-making system and game platform that allows users to easily program their own games. Created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, the platform allows users to create games in a variety of genres, including action, adventure, combat, construction, education, puzzle, racing, simulation, and strategy. Roblox games are created by programming the in-game objects themselves. Roblox’s programming language, Lua, features one of the few game scripting languages that is designed specifically for games and allows for quick iteration and creation of complex, animated in-game objects with simple coding. Users can mix and match prefabricated blocks and entities to create game environments. There are no in-game purchases on Roblox, with all content available for free to users. However, Roblox does offer “loot boxes” that have virtual items (such as power-ups, weapons, costumes, pets, etc.) that can be won by players within its games. Each time a player logs into a Roblox game, a game of chance randomly determines whether the player wins one of these loot boxes. When one is opened, Roblox’s in-game economies are used to purchase a random set of virtual items and currency. Roblox players can use their earnings to upgrade and repair their game, download and play other games, and purchase in-game cosmetic items. Roblox is free to use, but its virtual currency, Robux, can be earned or purchased through several in-game activities, such as playing a game, inviting friends to play a game, or donating to a user’s virtual “entitlement”, which is used to purchase virtual items. Robux are earned through these activities and are also available in the form of in-game gifts. Roblox allows players to customize their avatars, which determine how they look within the game, with clothing, makeup, and hairstyles that can be swapped at any time. Avatars have permanent effects on a player’s in-game character, including the game’s player rank and the abilities that are acquired and modified with gameplay. Roblox also features a social system that allows players to join clans, form parties, and interact with each other. Players can use their avatars to interact with and meet other players both in-person and virtually. Roblox first began as a second-generation online game, free to play, similar to other platforms like Geocities


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Probably the most common ways to get free robux is by logging in to your Roblox account and watching the “want ad” section from time to time. Then clicking on the words “Win free robux”, “Win free robux”, “Win free robux”, “Win free robux”, etc. These ads have a much better chance of working, and are more fun. But it’s not always that easy. More and more of these want ad’s seems to be taken out, and the links to “Win free robux” are less and less easy to find. So it seems the old ways aren’t working so well, that’s why I have created this guide to help you get some free robux through the “Win free robux” want ad’s. (This guide is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and have been trying to figure out a way to do so for some time. And once I finally figured it out, I wanted to share it. I figure someone out there is having the same issue, and has the same plan in mind as I do, so this guide is a way to help you.) How do I Win Free Robux? So how do you actually win free robux? This can be a little confusing. But here’s a brief overview of the process. First you have to get a want ad, then you have to send it to other Roblox players. Then the Roblox players who have the ad send it to Roblox developers. NOTE: There are some limitations to how many friends you can have “following” you. And your friends will probably need an invite to give you robux. So this is where things get confusing. There are a few methods of getting a want ad. And then there are a few methods of passing along that want ad to the person who needs robux. Here are the ways to get free robux: Get a want ad Send it to a friend who has a want ad Pass the want ad around to other Roblox players Get Robux for following on Roblox There are 5 ways of getting free robux from a want ad: We’ll start with the 4 ways of getting robux from a want ad, and then we’ll briefly talk about how to get robux for following on Roblox. Get Free Rob


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