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In short, MovieGround is similar to other legal torrent sites but it also offers a ‘Banned List’ of sites. It also allows users to find pirated movies or TV shows and allows downloads from file lockers. It even has anti-piracy technology and all sorts of other ways to stop pirates.

This is the best website for downloading any type of movie. is a site that gives exclusive access to the most popular movies. Click on a movie to watch trailers and full movie description. Additional information like cast, plot, release date, details and other relevant details are available.

SuperNova is a legal torrent site that provides a variety of torrents for free for download. This site offers torrents for movies, music, sports, games, software and all other sorts of information. However, you need to sign up and verify an email address before you can download free torrents.

This is one of the most famous websites for torrenting in India. This site offers a wide range of torrents and has a very friendly and professional GUI (Graphical User Interface). One can even set up a proxy to bypass government imposed blocks on torrents.

TiMiAn is a website offering information about all kinds of video games. The site has provided lots of useful information regarding free to play mobile games, iOS games, Android games and many others. All the information is provided by the fans themselves through the forums. It provides useful guides and resources too. Thats why we included it in our list of top websites to download free PC games legally, you should check out other websites contained in the article.


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