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Garena is a free gaming community that lets you play online and battle against both your friends and others. The wiki of Garena is filled with useful information, like game settings, server information, and strategies for each game. Even better, there is a built-in game server browser that lets you search for games and create your own game server. Garena uses a client-server model, and all the games run on both the client side, and the server side. Hence, you can download games on both your desktop and laptop, in a matter of minutes. If you wish to play against your friends or co-workers over Garena, you can set up a room or enter a chat room on their behalf.

Nowadays there are several sites that are devoted to providing cracked software. This is a good thing for software pirates because they can get softwares without downloading the torrents. Most of the sites provide a single click download from one page. Also, they leave no room for error because there is only one button which is the download button and they mention about the software and its crack in the description. One has to make sure before downloading to find out the installation steps and check if the software is the original one. This is an additional trust factor.

ICQ is a very special ICQ client in that it is quite long running. It also used to be a pretty cool ICQ client. It can be downloaded from the internet and it supports various functions such as file transferring, webcam, voice calling, and chatting. It is one of the oldest ICQ clients in existence and one of the most interesting ones. Some say it is a program that could actually stop time, but that is just a theory.


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