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Easiest-to-use gold detector designed for the world’s most hard-to-reach gold mines! Rainproof, high frequency 61kHz, retractable shaft for easy transport, . $1,249.00 · ‎In Stock · GARRETT ACE 250. Jackhammer, weight 3.2 kg, up to 900 strokes per minute, . $1,299.99 · In Stock · GARRETT GTP 1300. Jackhammer, weight 6.4 kg, up to 1200 blows per minute, . $8,499.99 · In Stock · GARRETT GTP 1350. Jackhammer, weight 8.2 kg, up to 1650 strokes per minute, . $1,299.99 · In Stock · GARRETT GTP 1550. Jackhammer, weight 9.6 kg, up to 1550 blows per minute, . $1,399.99 In stock GARRETT GTP 2500.


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