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The program was originally developed by E.E. “Ted” Martin, a mechanical draftsman who worked at Autodesk in 1979. It was originally called Dynamic Planar Graphic (DPG). With the help of a computer, Martin worked out a new way to display drawings in two dimensions (X-Y). The system was designed to allow drafting people to have CAD tools on their desktops, eliminating the need for mouse-based drafting. Martin wrote AutoCAD using a process called “programmable drafting.” It could do things that no human can do, such as figure out exactly how to draw a complex shape and then snap it into place without hand editing. What Are the Components of AutoCAD? Typical AutoCAD Package Any commercially sold AutoCAD package will include the following: AutoCAD This is the central drawing application. It lets you create and modify two-dimensional (2-D) drawings and three-dimensional (3-D) models. AutoCAD Raster This is a raster graphics editing application. This enables you to access and modify raster files and maps that are part of the AutoCAD Raster package. AutoCAD Viewer This is a windowing environment that displays AutoCAD drawings and maps. It lets you view and work on multiple AutoCAD files. AutoCAD Graphics Tablets This is a tablet input system that lets you work on AutoCAD drawings and models with your fingers. It can be used as a tablet computer. AutoCAD Training and Support This is a series of courses designed to teach AutoCAD. AutoCAD Certification Program This is a test you can take to certify your AutoCAD skills. AutoCAD Partnering This enables you to partner with other users to access and share AutoCAD drawings. AutoCAD Browser This is a tool that allows you to view and explore the built-in collections of AutoCAD drawings and maps. AutoCAD Mobile This is a mobile app that lets you work on AutoCAD drawings on your smartphone. Drawing-specific features This will include the following: AutoCAD Architecture This lets you make 3-

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Saving and loading of drawing files to and from storage media AutoCAD DXF files support two types of file structure: A straightforward one, created with the DXFOUT command, and a more complicated structure, created with the DXFOPEN command and adding the MOF operation to the DXFOUT command. The latter is required for the format to be supported by other drawing applications. AutoCAD ObjectARX allows writing code that can interact with the application and its objects. ObjectARX is a programming environment based on the Microsoft Foundation Classes, which provides a number of ready-made objects for a variety of common tasks. This includes a type library for AutoCAD, a control library and a script engine. AutoCAD ObjectARX is based on C++ and is also available on the Microsoft Windows platform, as a plug-in for Microsoft Visual C++. Programming languages AutoCAD uses the AutoLISP programming language. This is an object-oriented subset of Lisp with three features that make it suitable for building modeling and drawing programs. The most important of these is the object-oriented programming model which allows programmers to write programs with the objects of the AutoLISP class library, and the programming techniques make it relatively easy to write code that uses the application’s own functions. Visual LISP is a language based on Lisp with the ability to draw complex programming objects in a visual environment. Visual Basic is a general-purpose programming language developed by Microsoft for the Windows platform. It is typically interpreted (as opposed to compiled) but can also be compiled to a virtual machine or to native code. Microsoft released the source code of the AutoCAD Visual Basic add-in in 1997 as an open source project. ObjectARX is an integrated development environment (IDE) for C++ and visual C++ developed by Autodesk. It allows to write C++ code for AutoCAD that interacts with the AutoCAD application and all its objects. It includes a project manager, a compiler, a debugger, a command line compiler and an integrated object editor. Autodesk also publishes the open-source code as an open source project. Applications In the past, the applications for AutoCAD were limited to the desktop application itself and the AutoCAD-specific versions of commercial CAD products such as AutoCAD LT. To broaden the market for AutoCAD, Autodesk sold AutoCAD 3D in 1995 and AutoCAD for 2D 3813325f96

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De Nederlandse overheid is verontrust over de verspreiding van viruscorona. De aanleiding is de veiling op Microsoft. Een veiling van grote softwarebedrijven is afgelopen voor Microsoft, dat naar aanleiding van een ongedocumenteerde uitspraak een coronavirus-test voor het personeel heeft geïnitieerd. Microsoft liet vrijdag wel weten de test af te zullen sluiten. Voor wat betreft de software in bezit van Microsoft bedreigt dat een belangrijke sector in de Nederlandse economie. Vooral werkgevers en werknemers in de fysieke en technische sector zijn verontrust. Microsoft biedt voor deze uitspraak maar weinig aanbod aan. Een nieuwe test bij Microsoft kan nog twee weken op zich laten wachten. Het personeel moet er vijf dagen lang voor wachten. De vrees wordt vooral versterkt door de Tweede Kamer die voorheen het ministerie van Economische Zaken onder het morele voorwendsel van het pandemische karakter van het coronavirus, de zaak bij het ministerie van Volksgezondheid steunde. Het gaat hierbij om overheidstekorten die voor het welzijn van onze medeburgers niet onderhandelbaar zijn. Bij Microsoft in Nederland krijgen er dus ongeveer 500 verhuurders en zevenhonderd werknemers een aantrekkelijke vervroegde uittreding. Nu de uitspraak van het ministerie van Economische Zaken is er is niet veel te betekenen. Minister Van Engelshoven van Volksgezondheid is er niet in geslaagd het bezwaar van Microsoft te overwinnen. De minister schrijft in een brief a

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Markup Import and Markup Assist provides a streamlined way to import markup to your drawing from pre-printed paper or PDFs that were previously used to comment on your design. It enables you to import feedback from pre-printed paper or PDFs, and add those changes to your drawing automatically, without additional drawing steps. It provides a streamlined way to import markup to your drawing from pre-printed paper or PDFs that were previously used to comment on your design. It enables you to import feedback from pre-printed paper or PDFs, and add those changes to your drawing automatically, without additional drawing steps. Markup Assist supports AutoCAD’s existing markup products, including external PDF editing tools and printouts from CAD programs. Staple feature: Staple-compatible object snaps for AutoLISP, make it easy to construct assemblies and multiple views. Staple feature provides a mechanism to store the location of object snaps in the workspace, when placed. These stapled object snaps can be used anywhere in the drawing to insert and manipulate objects that are stapled to a specified grid. The object snaps are automatically deleted from the drawing when the stapling feature is deactivated. Design Update: The Design Update utility enables users to update existing drawings by using a workflow similar to that of AutoCAD Architect. It provides users with a set of applications that can be applied to their drawings. It can be used to update model data, dimensions, layers, symbols, and more. Data Profiling: The Data Profiling command is a new tool that enables users to create a profiler for a drawing or entire project. It provides users with an easy way to collect drawing data and then generate reports from that data. Data Profiling supports the full set of data collected by AutoCAD. Improved User Interface: There is a new tab-based navigation system in the ribbon toolbar and the status bar to provide a much more intuitive interface for navigation and workspace management. The ribbon toolbar has tabs for core functions, drawing tools, and utility tools. In the status bar, tools and commands can be listed using their category and subcategory. Collaborate from any device: The new Mobile Connect solution for iPad, Android tablet, and Microsoft Windows Mobile enables you to view and annotate drawings from a mobile device. You can view and annotate AutoCAD drawings from your mobile device or computer. With AutoCAD Mobile

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-Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or later -Memory: 2 GB of RAM -OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10 -Graphics: GeForce 8600 or ATI Radeon™ HD 2600 or better -Hard Drive: 20 GB available space -DirectX®: version 9.0c -Wii U™ System Software: version 1.0 -Wii U™ System Menu: version 2.0 -Wii U™ Classic Games: version 3.0 -Wii

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