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You do not need to know what every girl thinks about panties to successfully get a date. Photo by carjamthompsontravel. A girl is probably some form of functional underwear, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a special relationship to underwear. In fact, it’s okay if you don’t. Here are five simple facts you need to know about the ladies’ panties if you want to successfully get a date. 1. It’s OK to Wear Panties Under a Dress Busty pantsuit in a Nudie-esque dress is not acceptable. Your best bet? Ladies’ underwear that can be tucked into a cute, strappy dress. If you can tell that a girl is wearing a regular bra under a dress, it’s probably fine to chat her up. Here’s a little secret: panties may be your best friend on a date, and what you wear under that dress may not even be visible. Don’t wear something you can’t live with, don’t talk about sex, and don’t talk about your underwear. Photo by Chris Ryan. 2. TMI’s OK, But Have Some Sense How in the world do you decide what to talk about on a first date? Is it OK to get into panties? Can you talk about sex? Of course it is! I’d never want to date someone who would think otherwise, but even though a chick wearing a regular pair of panties is no big deal, it probably shouldn’t be the first topic of conversation. Keep your intimate desires and opinions about potential new love to yourself until you know that someone else is willing to be honest with you about theirs. One of the worst things you can do on a date is talk about other girls. Avoid that like the plague. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a girl you like or a girl you dislike. Chances are, you both dislike her at the very least. If you’re going on a blind date and want to, feel free to bring up other girls you know, but avoid talking about their underwear or about sex. 3. Don’t Talk About Panties Too Much Girls may adore talking about what they wear, but talking about the most intimate details of their underwear is a sure way to lose a first date. It’s true. A girl wearing a regular pair of panties may be very cute, but don’t ask if she’s wearing a thong. You just don’t. Don’t
Grab the book Here’s my 500-page, $39 Kindle edition of Modern Love: Serious Dating, Improvised, and Other Adventures in Improvisational Relationships, with new chapters added weekly on a variety of different dating topics. Chapters include: Suggested by your readers Killer first date venues The game of online dating What online dating looks like today The light switch from killjoy to killjoy Dating apps vs. real life Dating after 50 Online dating scams: Avoiding predators The bad apples (no, really) Bottomless dating You know you’re good at online dating when you start quoting back your matches’ own line Dating profiles, really, though they’re short, are a brilliant exercise in narcissism While I’m not ready to put this book down I can’t say I’ve read it all yet. We’ll see how many chapters I’ve gotten through by the end of February when it hits the paperback stage. Modern Love I’m a lifelong OkCupid user. Not only did I sign up for (and pay for) the popular dating site when it came out in 2008, but I’ve done relatively well with it. I haven’t met many lifelong friends, but I’ve had several great dates with awesome guys. Some of my friends and I joke that I’ve been on more dates than she has—and she’s the best-looking one of us. I’m not in any rush to get married, though, so I’ve moved on to other dating apps. (So has she, for that matter.) I started a dating site, OkCupid, in 2008, and while I’ve written about the site extensively on Read It, I’ve learned more about dating online over the years. I’ve realized that some of the “rules” on OkCupid actually were more guideline, and that some of the rules that seemed to work or not work for me were specific to my dating personality, expectations, and experience. On the other hand, when I read the book, I found my OkCupid rules to be both refreshing and universal, and I want to share a few of my favorite tips with you: Tips for Online Dating Get to Know Her Before You Ask Her Out. While there are a lot of great dating apps that allow you to meet people based on what you like, what activities you have in common!/?p=16007

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