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Now, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, you might be uncomfortable with yourself—but you’re a goddamn adult, and adults deal with discomfort on a daily basis. Commitment phobia is par for the course for some people, and that’s okay. Dating can be hard for everyone and that’s okay, too. No, you can’t control your emotional response or be healthy and go on six or ten or 20 bad dates before meeting the one you want to keep talking to. Sometimes you have to talk to a lot of people to find the right one. But hey, this isn’t the 1800s. It’s not 1950 or even 2000! We live in a world of our own making. And we should be allowed the freedom to make mistakes. If it’s a big deal to you—if you constantly feel like you’re not good enough or have done something wrong—then go do something else. There are plenty of sports cars to be had for someone who’s ready to learn how to drive. Plenty of girls ready to give that college guy a chance after he shut the door on a seriously cute poet. Plenty of men who’ve had enough of being treated like a commodity. Plenty of people just hanging out at the picnic table in the middle of the street without being picked up. There are plenty of chances, because it’s not that hard to be in a relationship. The people we’re waiting to meet are out there, just begging to be talked to. It’s not like they can’t be contacted, or you have to be getting married to make contact with these people. These people have to want to talk to you, and want to learn more about you. If you don’t want a relationship, that’s cool. There are plenty of just hanging-out people out there. Have a long night alone? Never fear: no matter how casual your date is, there are plenty of other people out there. You’ll meet someone at your age, in your town, who doesn’t have any problems with being themselves or their feelings. So the next time you’re sitting at the bar, you’ll know what to look for. But you have to know what kind of relationship you want and how to get it. Unfortunately, that’s not an easy task. It’s especially not easy if you live in a small town where there aren’t many people your age to hang out with or start a relationship with. We’re not all in New York. If you’re talking to someone who’s in their 30
Before you invest the time to meet someone new, get a sense of whether they’re worth the effort. Dating brings out the best and worst in people—and there’s usually more to the worst than what we show on the surface. Keep reading for twenty character traits you should consider when looking for a potential date, in order of importance: 13. They Have Perfect Hair ———————— This one is self-explanatory. Everyone deserves to be complimented on their hair. This isn’t the time for a problem, but if someone isn’t having a great day, avoid the temptation to tell them they look beautiful, I mean, “awesome.” Many women don’t appreciate it when men only go out of their way to compliment their hair—it’s a waste of time. Compliment on a quality that will matter more in the future, like a great haircut or an outfit. 12. They Compliment Others —————– Whether they’re a coworker or a friend, chances are they’re used to having strangers tell them they’re pretty. They probably take compliments for granted, so if you’re going to give one, be prepared to follow through—it’s easy to be nice to someone else if you feel like they’re nice to you. Always remember that people love compliments more when they’re given by someone they respect, like a friend or family member, than by someone they don’t. 11. They Listen ———————— It’s always tricky to listen to someone who is talking if they are angry or upset. Listen to them instead. Take the time to ask your date how they’re doing, and listen to their answer. That can go a long way toward building a real relationship. If someone starts rambling, wait to hear the end, and don’t interrupt. 10. They Have A Sense Of Humor ——————- It’s awkward to say the least if you can’t even laugh at yourself. Being able to laugh at oneself in public makes people seem more likable. Studies show that people who smile more often appear more attractive than people who only smile in photographs. If you’re going to laugh at yourself in front of someone, make sure they’re worth it. 9. They Don’t Make Excuses ———————— Excuses sap energy and are always a bad idea. If you truly cannot get out of plans, tell a friend about it.

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