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Best Websites for Gamers

1) Start with some awkward pickup lines Here’s the thing: awkward pickup lines aren’t just for when you are a stranger and trying to hit on someone you don’t know. They are a lot of fun for everyone—especially you—and can be an ice-breaker to start a conversation with a stranger. Here are a few of my personal favorites. If you’re in a self-conscious mood: I’m running late. I’m a little out of my mind. You look like a beautiful blind person. And here are some you can try out on your next date. To a female friend: You know who that girl is? One day, I’ll marry you, then dump you and have all your babies. Why, thank you, darling. Darling, are you looking? To a male friend: Hey, pussycat, why don’t we fuck? Fuck me, daddy, fuck me hard. For all you single ladies: You should wear underwear you can’t take off. If you look like that, I would fuck you too. If you really want to be totally blunt: I would fuck you in a second if I wasn’t married. For the rest of the world: How you doin’ today? I’ll tell you how I am: I’m horny as hell. 2) Pick up cute guys while you’re out The ladies have already figured out the magic formula: pretty much, tell them you’re into them and they will continue to acknowledge you in the future. This tactic is a good one because you can’t pay back the favor by being a creepy little stalker and making them think you’re a creep when they inevitably date someone else. And who are we to get in the way of women being women? Meet cute guys, flirt a little, but leave the mooning and the hope-you’re-a-mentally-ill-psychiatrist behavior to the boys. Let the women do the work. 3) Stop texting or e-mailing guys People in relationships have rules about who they go out with. I’m not recommending that you stay in your pajamas all day long, but here are a few guidelines that can help you avoid becoming a single guy who texts and
Here, five online services offer the biggest bang for your buck in no-frills matching. And if you’re looking for a no-strings-attached hookup, these sites are pretty damn close to the bar. Naked Date offers a variety of options, but it’s best if you’re looking for the ol’ fashioned laid-back dating scene—and you’re willing to put in a few hours of online chatting with other guys (or gals) to find that someone special. Meet in person in a public place of your choice (Naked Date’s suggested locations are Top 40 clubs, cafés, parks, movie theaters, museums, or bookstores). If you’re looking for something more specific, Naked Date’s advanced search lets you sort by height, weight, and physical type (also known as C-cup or larger, among others). Using Naked Date You can sign up anonymously and easily find other gay guys looking for a date, as well as gay guys looking for someone to go on some kind of date with. If you don’t want to chat online, Naked Date has apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire. You can also choose from a few different paid monthly options that will send you a weekly email with possible matches and let you add them to your roster for online chat. Topless Date was created to help women get naked for the purpose of hookups—either in a completely clothed situation or with nothing covering their chest at all. The first thing you have to do is choose how drunk you want the woman to be before you join. Topless Date uses physical and behavioral clues to match you up with someone who will be comfortable around a naked woman. When you create an account, you can choose from one of eight pre-defined models, some of which represent heights, haircuts, and weights. You can also choose your own boob size and preferred male body part. While this site doesn’t have any long-term relationships, it’s a pretty good platform for meeting up with girls when you have a chance to pay for sex. Topless Date is one of the best dating sites for finding prostitutes and sugar daddies, especially for high-class escorts in San Francisco. Topless Date is free, but offers some paid options. They have a 4-day trial, after which you have to either spend $39 a month or $199 a year to get membership. You

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