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Tip You can use the B and L keys to manipulate your image in different ways. For example, you can quickly zoom in on a particular object in your image by using the B key. You can then move your cursor to the desired area and use the L key to make that area the entire image. ## Using the Eyedropper The Eyedropper (Y) key is often misunderstood. In fact, many new users misunderstand the Eyedropper so much that they still choose to use it because they don’t know the alternative. The Eyedropper is used to get a sample of the color of any particular object in your image. The Eyedropper is a sampling tool, similar to the way that you can take a drop of water and place it on an object in order to get a sample of that object’s color (like the example shown in Figure 7-14).

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Can I Run Photoshop Elements as a Subscription on Both Mac and Windows? Yes you can. Photoshop Elements 2019/2020/2021/2022 is available for both Mac and Windows so you can still use Photoshop on the same computer without having to buy both software. If you want to run Photoshop Elements on both Windows and Mac, the only thing you need to do is buy the software for both systems. You can install the desktop version on both Windows and Mac using the same license and you can use the same Windows license to install the desktop version on both Windows and Mac. This can save you money and enable you to work on the same computer. Install Photoshop Elements on One Computer, Use That Computer for Both Mac and Windows With the desktop version of Photoshop Elements you can use the same computer to run both macOS and Windows. You can also install two versions (Mac and Windows) of Photoshop Elements on the same computer. When you are finished, you can delete the unwanted one and run both. To do this, follow these steps: Start by installing Photoshop Elements on a computer running macOS 10.10 or higher. Make sure that you are logged into the account where you intend to use the license for macOS. Go to the desktop version of Photoshop Elements by clicking the Start icon ( the icon in the upper left of the macOS window. You are probably already logged into the desktop version on macOS. Open the Installer on the desktop version of Photoshop Elements by clicking on the Install button. Follow the instructions in the install wizard. Use the installation program to reinstall Photoshop Elements. Exit Photoshop Elements on macOS. Continue to the next step. Install Photoshop Elements on a computer running Windows 10 or higher. Make sure that you are logged into the account where you intend to use the license a681f4349e

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Painting Use the previous brushes to paint a simple, flower-like shape. Create a layer beneath the layer for the image and apply a soft wash (Figure 16.35). **Figure 16.35** Begin painting with this simple shape. 1. Press Ctrl+Z (Windows) or Command+Z (Mac OS) to create a new layer, and paint on the lower part of the image (Figure 16.36). **Figure 16.36** Paint with the paint bucket tool. 2. Switch to the Paint Bucket tool and paint on the lower left side of the flower (Figure 16.37). **Figure 16.37** Use the Paint Bucket tool to paint in the color you desire for the whole flower. 3. Select the Paint Bucket tool again, change the color to white, and paint over the remaining areas of the flower (Figure 16.38). **Figure 16.38** Paint with the Paint Bucket tool, changing the color to white.

What’s New In Photoshop CS5?

Q: Why do I get Javascript Timeout errors when I delete and recreate an image each time I load a page? All the image links at the bottom of this page link to images on my server, and are used to switch between different background images. The problem is that I get a JavaScript “Timeout” error whenever I click on an image and it switches to that particular image. When the image is “nearly” complete, instead of having to re-create the image every time I load a page, I tried to delete the image, and then create a new one at a specific point. The problem then is that the newly created image just changes the background as it should (as the background-image CSS property is used), but I get a JavaScript “Timeout” error again, just as the image is almost done. Is it something to do with the load and re-start time? function showImage1() { document.getElementById(“changeBackground”).src = “/my_personal_server/my_first_image.jpeg”; document.getElementById(“changeBackground”).onload = function() { showImage2(); document.getElementById(“changeBackground”).onload = function() { showImage3(); document.getElementById(“changeBackground”).onload = function() { showImage4(); document.getElementById(“changeBackground”).onload = function() { showImage5(); document.getElementById(“changeBackground”).onload = function() { showImage6(); document.getElementById(“changeBackground”).onload = function() { showImage7(); document.

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Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 32bit, 64bit or Windows 2003 Server. Minimum 1 GB of RAM. Minimum 800Mhz or faster system processor. Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Adobe Flash 7.0.x All of the above (plus Flash 10)

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