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How is Photoshop used? “It was designed to do what the name implies,” says David Chambers, post-production software architect at Adobe. In its infancy, Photoshop was used primarily to create raster images with little-to-no pixel manipulation. Today, Photoshop is much more than a raster image editor. It is a versatile platform for graphics, content creation, and editing. While it is possible to use Photoshop for non-graphics purposes, for many graphic and web content creators, Photoshop is a staple editing solution. Photo by Becky Cook for Adobe What it provides Though Photoshop is sold as a single program, it’s split into many specialized tools, which are used for specific functions. For a traditional print and web graphic designer, Photoshop is used to open and edit raw photographs in preparation for print and web publishing. When a web designer creates a website, using a template, that online page must be saved as a JPEG file. This file can be imported back into Photoshop as a flattened image. The flattened file is saved to the hard drive. Post-production software can also be used to create images with multiple overlays. These layers can contain gradients and shapes, and can also be used to create more than one vector-based graphic overlay. In addition, Photoshop can be used to create and edit vector files with the addition of various special effects. This can include drawing tools, such as a pen or text features. It can also be used for illustration work by creating and manipulating images using Adobe Illustrator. Designers also have many ways to manually retouch or edit their finished images in Photoshop. They can add the finishing touches to any image they make, whether a web page, publication, or other artwork. Why Photoshop? “It’s the most used and most well-known image editing application,” says Chambers. “It’s like taking a complete package. You can create, edit, manipulate, and composite your finished product. Photoshop is so large, it has great depth and capability.” A graphic designer should know how to use Photoshop, whether for use on a daily or weekly basis, says Chambers. But he adds that anyone can use Photoshop, regardless of their job or experience, if they can learn the basics. “I can’t imagine any instance when one would need to know the most high-level Photoshop features,” says Toni Cruz, quality assurance engineer

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This guide will help you use Photoshop Elements to edit your photos, create new images, and even create memes! Steps Locate and launch the program. Click the Import tab, and click the (Import photos from camera or scanner) icon to open the program to import new photos. Open an existing photo, and click Import (Import Image into Adobe Photoshop Elements) to open the import window. Choose the file you want to open. If you don’t see the file in the Import window, you may need to use the Applications > Graphics menu (☰) to find it. Choose Photoshop Elements (or any other file format that the program supports) to import the file. Click Open to open the new file, or press Ctrl+N to create a new file. To adjust one of the imported photos, follow the instructions below. Adjust the brightness and contrast of the image by clicking the arrows ( ) next to the Light and Dark boxes. Change the size of the photo by clicking the Size box. Remove background objects by clicking the Brush tool, and use the smudge tool to blur and soften the background. Click the Eraser tool to clean up the photo and erase the background. Adjust the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness of the image by clicking the Tone-Curves tool. Adjust the Gamut and Tint of the photo by clicking the Transfer tool. Use the Hand tool to draw a shape. Click the Gradient tool, and select a gradient from the menu. Click the Gradient tool, and select a gradient from the menu. Add a texture or pattern from the (Arrange) menu. Repeat steps 10-14 for each additional photo or image you want to adjust. Save the images as separate files in the original file format. Step 2: Make pictures and drawings using built-in tools Click the (File) tab to open the file menu. Click Save As to create a new file. Name the new file, such as mydate.jpg, (Download recommended names and format) and then click OK. Move the cursor to the bottom left of the screen to find the file menu, which will let you rename the file. Select (File > Save) to save the file. Click (File > Save As) to create a681f4349e

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Minimum: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or later. Memory: 1 GB RAM (64-bit OS) or more. Processor: 2.8 GHz multi-core CPU (for Windows 7 and Windows Vista 32-bit). Storage: 3 GB of available hard disk space (for Windows 7 and Windows Vista 32-bit). Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card. Internet Connection

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