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Download Adobe Photoshop CS5: PS CS5.0.x: PS CS5 is the only Photoshop version on the market today that supports the Creation Suite and the Mac operating system. While every Photoshop version supports layers and the basic editing tools, for this tutorial, we’ll focus on the artistic effects and techniques that can be done with Photoshop CS5. When users first open the software, they are greeted with a program that looks very simple and streamlined, featuring a navigation bar across the top of the window that allows users to navigate to and from different options. The content of the main window is organized so that the process area on the left side hosts the tools used for editing, such as eraser, pen tool, and paint bucket, while the sidebar on the right holds all other information in the program, such as layer information, the currently active canvas, and pasted images and objects. When creating a new document, a Photoshop document is divided into a single, large, flattened layer of content. The white areas of the document are transparent. Images and other layer elements are first created on separate layers that can be stacked upon one another. A new layer is created when content is pasted into the document or when a new document is created. Content is clipped to a layer when the shape of that layer is clipped to the shape of an element or group, usually done via the Layer > Layer from Clip Layers menu option. When a layer is no longer needed, you can either delete it or find the content within the layer and drop it on a new layer. The process area holds the active editing tool, and you can drag or drop objects and elements to move them into position. The background layer is always named Background 1. When you edit a layer’s content, you can right-click to open the context menu. By right-clicking on a textbox or other type of editable area on a layer, you can create a selection box around the area and then edit it. You can also select an area in the background of an image and then simply drag it to move it. You can also use the menu tool at the top of the editing area to perform common tasks, such as drawing, selecting, cropping, and adding layers. The menu tool also has all the editing tools listed in the options bar, such as the Move tool, the Pen tool, the Lasso

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James O. Mason James O. Mason (June 1, 1853 – October 20, 1905) was an American lawyer and Republican politician from New York. Life He was born on June 1, 1853 in New York City. He attended the public schools, Townsend College, and the University of Michigan. He graduated from New York University Law School in 1874. He practiced law in New York City. He was a member of the New York State Assembly (New York Co.) in 1886 and 1887; and of the New York State Senate (9th D.) from 1888 to 1890, sitting in the 119th, 120th, 121st and 122nd New York State Legislatures. He was elected to the New York Court of Appeals in 1891, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Henry Ford. In 1892, he married Catherine E. Walsh (1868–1952), who later was the daughter of US senator Timothy J. Walsh (1831–1906). They had two sons: Timothy J. Mason (1894–1985) and George M. Mason (1896–1958). He died in New York City on October 20, 1905, and was buried at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Westchester County, New York. References Sources SKETCHES OF SENATE SITTING OF THE 120TH NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATURE in NYT on May 10, 1888 SKETCHES OF THE SENATE SITTING OF THE 121ST NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATURE in NYT on December 9, 1890 SKETCHES OF THE 122ND NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATURE in NYT on April 9, 1891 SCOREBOARD; JAMES O. MASON SENATOR in NYT on November 5, 1893 THE NEW YORK COURT OF APPEALS IN NYT on September 19, 1894 HIS EXCELLENCY JAMES O. MASON, JUDGE, in NYT on July 29, 1897 HIS EXCELLENCY JAMES O. MASON, OF NEW YORK, IS DEAD; LEADING REPUBLICAN JUDGE OF STATE in NYT on October 22, 1905 External links Category:1853 births Category:1905 deaths Category:Politicians from New York City Category:University of Michigan alumni Category:New York University School of Law alumni Category:New York (state) Republicans

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 (or higher) Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or higher Memory: 2 GB RAM Video: DirectX 9 Compatible graphics card (graphics card with 64MB of Video RAM or greater) Hard Drive: Approximately 1.5GB free hard drive space Sound Card: Microsoft DirectX Compatible sound card Network: Broadband internet connection Other Requirements: Max: Processor: 3

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