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Free Photoshop Social Media Icons pack, includes 23 PNG SMALL icons, plus the SVG of all the same icons in 3 sizes, that’s perfect for many design projects. Enjoy!


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* You can download a free trial of Photoshop and other Adobe software at In addition, Photoshop is part of the Lightroom software package. Lightroom is a program that helps manage, organize, and display images that you have captured with your digital camera. In fact, much of this chapter is dedicated to working with Lightroom, so I recommend that you check out the book published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and entitled The Lightroom Book (3rd edition). You can get Lightroom for free by visiting Prepare for Photoshop Photoshop cannot be used on its own. You need an application called Photoshop Elements if you want to work in the fully featured version of Photoshop. Photoshop Elements is free and available from the Adobe website. It includes many of the same basic tools as the full Photoshop CS version but is limited to editing, creating, and printing images. To fully utilize the power of Photoshop and get the most out of the following chapter, I encourage you to download the program. You can either download the program directly to your desktop or to your hard drive by clicking the thumbnail on the Photoshop website, as shown in Figure 6-1. When you open Photoshop, as soon as you click an image in the image window, you see a dialog box that opens, as shown in Figure 6-2. From this dialog box, you can perform the following: • Add and edit the document’s layers • Add and edit the document’s composite layers • Adjust the document’s visibility (opacity) • Use the edit tools (just discussed in Chapter 5) • Start the Color panel for the Brightness/Contrast adjustments • Start the Basic panel for the Color panel adjustments • Use the Brush panel to add color to the image • Use the Image panel to apply effects to the image • Create selections and masks • Use the Edit Panel, which is discussed in the next section Photos from Different Sizes If you’re working with image editing tools in Photoshop, make sure that you’re using a calibrated monitor. This is important because using an uncalibrated monitor can make the colors on your screen look skewed when you edit the colors in Photoshop. If you have a custom color profile that you have created yourself, you can continue to use that color profile when you open Photoshop, but if you see a

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In this article, we will show you how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images and how to perform most of the common tasks in Photoshop. Understand The Photoshop Elements Adobe Photoshop Elements is a graphics editor for photographers, graphic designers, web designers, or anyone who wants to create photos and graphics. It is not a photo editor, which means that it can’t edit images like a scanner. It has a lot of basic tools and features but you can still edit images. You can use it to create or edit photos and you will be able to edit several images at the same time. It has a fast user interface and is not that complex. You will be able to resize, re-position, split, and merge images. You can even add effects to images or apply other tools like filters, color correction, contrast, and much more. Photoshop Elements is not a complete replacement for Photoshop but it can save you time and money. It is a good alternative for people who want to learn the basics of Photoshop. How To Use Photoshop Elements To Edit Images Edit Images The following is a step-by-step guide on how to edit images in Photoshop Elements: Open an image in Photoshop Elements. To open an image in the program, go to File and then click Open. On the right side of the screen, select Open and locate the image file. Click Open and open the image. When you open the image, you may see some contextual menu options. If there is none, select Animate to access the contextual menu. Select Edit > Animate to access the contextual menu. Click on Image and then click Convert. On the next dialog box, select a Transparent background. Note: For more advanced users, you can select a Blur background instead, for a more creative result. However, Photoshop Elements does not have a Blur function. Now you have a transparent background. In the editing area, you have a bunch of options for editing, in the following order: Type, Adjust, Fill, and Adjust Color. Type Click on Type on the right side of the screen. On the Edit Type dialog, click on Convert to Plain Text. Now you can type on the image. Adjust Click on Adjust on the right side of the screen. On the Adjust dialog, click on Expand and then toggle the 05a79cecff

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Your character must be Level 50 and within the specified skill range for the quest to be available. For the Grade I rank, your character must have mastered the skill being awarded. For example, to get the rank of the “Warfare” skill, your character must be a Level 75 Soldier, must have mastered the “Soldier” skill, and must have completed the Sidequest: Get Out There and Fight! Get Out There and Fight! Recommended Level: 70 and Above 70 and Above Recommended Characters: Fighter, Black Belt, Ninja Fighter,

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