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You can manipulate images in Photoshop as follows: * **Layer:** You work with layers, which are a set of visual elements you can manipulate either individually or by stacking them on top of one another. A layer is actually a type of image file that contains all of the layers you create and use for your image. Every object in your image, including images and text, is stored on a separate layer. You can merge layers to superimpose multiple layers, and you can have layers that have transparency. * **Paths:** Like layers, paths are another way to arrange your image content. You can draw your own paths or use pre-made paths. * **Clipping paths:** A clipping path is an imaginary line you draw around your image. This path cuts out a portion of your image, placing that portion on a separate layer. When you place an object or another layer on top of a clipping path layer, that object or layer appears in only the portion of the clipping path that is inside the path. * **3D objects:** 3D objects represent real-world objects. You can create your own 3D objects and place them on layers in your image. You can move and manipulate the 3D object and its layer. You can easily convert 3D objects to standard objects and vice versa. 3D objects can be combined into a 3D scene. * **Text:** Text and shapes can be combined into layers and text objects, or you can place text and shapes as individual objects, change their typeface, and then group them. You can add any combination of numbers, characters, and shapes as text. * **Brushes:** You can draw a variety of brushes to apply different effects to your image. Brushes allow you to paint on your image. You can merge brushes to manipulate the result. You can also add paint strokes to existing strokes. In addition, you can create your own brushes. ## Editing an Image on the Web The Internet is full of image manipulation tools that enable you to bring your images to life by increasing their contrast, sharpening the details, and performing other adjustments. Many of these tools can be used for previewing your images or simply to give them a more attractive appearance. In this section, I cover two popular Internet websites that offer a variety of image editing tools for the curious novice: * **Freelance Photographers:** `www.freelance

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This guide will teach you how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images in 5 easy steps. Step 1 – Download Photoshop Elements It is currently available for Mac and Windows users and it is absolutely free. You can download it directly from the Adobe website: How to install Photoshop Elements for Mac users 1. Open the application: select the Mac icon on the bottom left corner and you will see the application opening. 2. Look for the Photoshop Elements application on the left of your screen. You can either find it under the Adobe apps or apps. 3. Click on the icon and you will see a document pop up on your screen. Click on the Photoshop Elements icon. 4. This will be the first time you use the application, so you might not know what to do in this first screen. Basically, you’ll see the application in 3 main tabs : You’ll be able to see 4 tabs in the background (Search, Pages, Photo, and Document), and 3 icons. The icons are : Camera: selects the documents that you want to upload to Photoshop Elements (this icon is very important because it will help you to upload the images you want to edit). Magnetic disc: This icon will help you to open the images that you have stored on your computer. Cloud: This icon is used to store your images in the cloud, so you can access your images with a web browser or your phone. The images can be put in any folder and you will be able to edit them and share them easily. Photoshop: This icon will be used to edit the images on your computer. Graphic: This icon will help you to insert different graphics in your image. Files: This icon is used to manage the different documents you have in Photoshop Elements. Tools: This icon is for the brushes that you will use to edit your images. Settings: This icon is used to manage the various options of the application. Let’s learn how to edit images with Photoshop Elements in 5 easy steps. Step 2 – open an image Your first step will be to open the image you want to edit. For that, you’ll have two options : using the selected icon (camera, computer, cloud, or magnetic disc) on the image that you want to open, or using the folder icon and loading 05a79cecff

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