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Chat Watch Professional Edition is for people who need to log instant messages. Chat Watch Professional edition logs instant messages from Outlook, IM clients and others including ICQ, AOL Chat, Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. It also supports AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo! Instant Messenger. You can choose to have your instant messaging logs emailed to you or view them from Chat Watch software, opening them into a full-featured application. Chat Watch Logs Instant Messages (SMS) Chat Watch Professional Edition is a highly efficient, easy-to-use and compliant instant message logging application that allows you to monitor your instant messaging without spending hours a day in front of your computer. Chat Watch Professional Edition is extremely easy to use and very fast. You can watch your logs in real time, or you can download them as CSV files (computer format) or HTML (web format). You can also set different alert thresholds. You will not lose anything if you lose your log files. The logs are stored in a hidden folder. You can extract them in a CSV (comma separated values) and HTML formats. Chat Watch Professional Edition is composed of 2 parts, Chat Watch and Barcode. You can run Chat Watch as a Windows service. Chat Watch is the software that you can log instant messages from. Chat Watch features a chat preview interface with instant chat logs and a log viewer, so you can view instant messages in real time (with chat preview) or download them as CSV and HTML file formats. 1. Chat Watch Chat Watch is the software that allows you to log instant messages from specific or all IM applications you are using simultaneously. Each application has its own button that allows you to select the log from the specific application. With Chat Watch you can view your instant messages in real time, or download them as CSV or HTML file formats. A special header is added to the file you download to indicate that it is an instant message log file. 2. Barcode The Barcode part of Chat Watch allows you to view instant message logs in HTML and CSV formats. 3. WhatsApp and other messaging applications Chat Watch can log WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other instant messaging applications. 4. Logging support for voice messages and phone calls Any instant message can be logged with or without sound Chat Watch uses a shared memory for file based logging. There is no change to your computer. It does not use or change CPU, RAM, disk space or CPU

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Windows Messenger / MSN Messenger Logs instant messages on today’s most popular messaging software. Whether you are a small business looking to stay compliant with the new federal laws and regulations concerning instant messaging or just a parent with computer-savvy kids, Chat Watch Professional Edition is for you. As children can quickly become more computer literate than their parents, a more powerful message logging solution is needed. Chat Watch Professional runs as a Windows service and not be altered by any non-Administrator users. Limitations: ■ 30 days trial. PST Toolbox is a handy, easy-to-use, and powerful WinToolsAdd-in – with useful functions like: 1. PST Merge. PST Toolbox allows you to perform all the operations that Outlook Express can do for you: – PST Merge. PST Toolbox allows you to find all duplicate emails and exchange them for one time only. – PST Convert. With just a couple of clicks, you can easily convert all your PST files into MSG files. – MSG Export. MSG files are easy to exchange with other email applications such as Outlook Express and Eudora. – MSG Import. MSG files are easy to exchange with other email applications such as Outlook Express and Eudora. – MSG Merge. MSG is a powerful email storage format similar to the.MSG format used in the older Microsoft email applications such as Outlook Express and Outlook. – Repair PST. Stickiness of the Outlook Express is very low. It might be possible that users don’t see their email after a period of time. Repair your PST file with the help of PST Toolbox. – Text Editor. Text files are used to store multiple sets of data. The format of a text file allows for easy and fast storage of data. – Text Merge. It is a recommended that you use text files to manage your personal data. A text file allows you to merge multiple sets of data. – Dictionary. The dictionary in a text file is a list of a commonly used word. – Text Editor. With the help of Microsoft Word, you can create such text files. Such files can contain text, tables and tables of text and etc. – Text Merge. It is a recommended that you use text files to manage your personal data. A text file allows you to merge multiple sets of data. – Dictionary. The dictionary in b7e8fdf5c8

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CHAT WATCH Professional Edition is a powerful and reliable IM Logger for Windows. It logs IM’s in real time, tracks IP address of each and every user, and exports logs to TXT, HTML or XML format for usage with your current logging method. It detects user ID’s from AOL, ICQ, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo! etc. It has built-in full featured user dictionary with over 600,000 user names. Chat Watch Professional can log as many as 2000 users, and user list changes as users log into or out of the network. Want to take advantage of Chat Watch’s powerful and fast XML logging? Chat Watch Premium Edition provides powerful XML logging for more than 30 days. Chat Watch features include: ■ XML login ■ Immediate XML export ■ Column sorting ■ Full text Searching ■ Fine grained user filtering ■ Exports to TXT, HTML or XML ■ Unlimited users ■ Supports up to 2000 users ■ Supports ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! etc. Very powerful and reliable IM logging solution. ———————— Chat Watch Professional is FREEWARE. Download and test Chat Watch for 30 days. ———————— Contact: If you have any question about Chat Watch Professional, feel free to contact me Derek Gan, (Please use “Contacted” as subject) ————————Economic Review, Summer 2001 Below is the text of Economic Review issue 2131. You can download pdf (45k) or txt (35k) here. With characteristic balance, investment continues to expand. A new report by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) noted that, despite the significant fall in money market interest rates, net holdings of major money market funds increased by nearly a trillion dollars to $1.38 trillion in the first quarter (Q1) of 2001. Contributions to that increase were, on average, nearly $20,000 per fund. Money market assets now account for 22 percent of total portfolio assets, surpassing the total value of equity stocks. According to the BIS, more than $8.9 trillion of about $13.1 trillion in global assets, or nearly one-sixth, is invested in money market assets. Some analysts have argued that money market assets are in fact quite risky. However, that is not entirely the case. While

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Chat Watch Professional is a user-friendly, Internet-based computer-assisted message-logging program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 operating systems and Windows for workstations, servers and distributed networks. It allows you to monitor what your kids are doing on the Internet and Web. Chat Watch Professional logs instant messaging sessions. It is a Microsoft Certified application. Chat Watch Professional Highlights: ■ A powerful and flexible multi-level message logging system. ■ Automatic recording of all Internet, instant messaging and e-mail traffic to external or user-accessible databases. ■ Help menus that provide detailed information about the different features. ■ Configurable alert definitions that can recognize and record all the major instant messaging applications and services. ■ Enumerated user groups that allow the recording of individual instant messaging sessions from more than one account. ■ User-friendly administration interface with configurable time and date settings. ■ Built-in alert message filters to notify you of certain potential concerns. ■ Support for an unlimited number of user accounts and profiles. ■ Automatic monitoring and immediate alert notification for new instant messaging sessions and their users. Chat Watch Professional Edition Screenshots: Screen shot of installation Screen shot of Alerts screen On right side Chat Watch Professional Main Software Screenshot: The Complete Chat Watch Pro Edition Software Inventory What’s new in the latest version: · Bug Fix! Enhance the method of reading list of addresses for an e-mail in the list of report headers. · Improved the method of reading list of addresses for an e-mail in the list of reports. · Be able to view messages from another user in the list of report headers. · Be able to search for group in the list of report headers. · Improved the method of enabling initial message logging. · Improved the method of clearing the user’s password in the list of report headers. · Improved the method of setting the day of a week. · Improved the method of deleting the User’s profile. · Improved the method of reading the list of addresses for an e-mail. · Improved the method of converting the date format. · Improved the method of using the list of report headers. · Improved the method of sorting the list of report headers. · Improved the method of reading the list of messages from another user. · Improved the method

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The following features have been tested on Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, and Windows 8.1 64-bit. An internet connection is not required to play, however, a stable internet connection is recommended. If experiencing problems, try running the game with a lower graphic settings. • 2.2 GB free HDD space. • 700 MB RAM is required. • 60 Mb of free graphics memory is recommended. • 1 GHz Processor or better. Up to date video

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