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Music composition nowadays doesn’t depend entirely on real instruments. Different processors and editors are packed with enough effects to emulate the instruments you need, but also help learn to play actual instruments. Dedicated to the piano, MiniPiano is a MIDI keyboard you can use with your default input device, and nothing else connected. Can be used on the go One major advantage is the application skips you the effort of going through a setup process, and can be launched from the moment download is done. This enables you to carry it around on a thumb drive to use on other computers as well, without any worries that the health status gets affected, because registry entries remain intact. All the application has to offer is found in a compact window, but pretty intuitive by default. One section represents the general set of configurations, while another section is a representation of an actual keyboard, with buttons you need to press shown on the actual keys. Various MIDI instruments to use You’re free to interact with the application either using the mouse, or the assigned hotkeys which are shown on keys. There’s no delay, and sound comes out clean, without interruption when pressing multiple keys at once. The only thing missing here is the possibility to record anything you play, so you need to rely on extra tools for this operation. Moreover, the application relies on the Windows MIDI library, which includes quite an abundance of different instruments. These are selected from a drop-down menu and applied in real time. Apart from instruments, you can also adjust the octave level to increase, or decrease overall pitch. To sum it up In conclusion, MiniPiano is a lightweight, fun application you can use to train your musical ear, and also study notes. An abundance of instruments are at your disposal, and even though there’s no built-in recorder, you’re sure to learn a thing or two and also have a good time.









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File Joiner Free Download is a screencasting tool for quick demos that lets you use your Windows PC as a fast motion picture camcorder, so that the Windows desktop becomes a movie stage. You can record audio and screen captures and if your PC is connected to the Internet, it can use it to automatically get the latest YouTube videos. File Joiner is really quick and easy to use File Joiner is a small tool that does a good job in creating fast screencasts. Just launch it and start recording. Of course, there are various recording options available, such as audio recording and screen recording. You can also select a background and foreground color to spice up your demo. However, you will have to find a good image, since this is something File Joiner can’t assist you with. The tool is also very easy to use. Just hit the play button and you’re all set. Chromatix Video Converter Final is a fast, easy-to-use and feature-rich video converter. The tool provides tons of customizable options, like capturing the entire desktop (and any window) or only one window. It supports almost all mainstream and multimedia formats. You can use pre-created presets and even write your own filters. Decode and save in three popular formats You can save the created file in AVI, MOV or MPG. The metadata is also included, so you can edit the output file to get the right settings and save the project. In addition, you can share your file in Facebook and YouTube for free. Chromatix Video Converter Final is a fast and easy-to-use video converter. It is perfect for users who need to convert a lot of files. The Encoding Wizard feature will make even non-tech savvy persons to achieve great results and enjoy high quality files. This application should be an essential tool for anyone who needs to convert a bunch of files. Adobe Premiere Elements can be described as a basic yet fully featured video editor for beginners and more advanced users who are looking for an entry-level video editor. You can use it for performing basic tasks, like trimming, adding titles, overlaying subtitles, adding credits, adding transitions and drawing frames. Import and edit videos The tool is more than capable of improving the video qualities, as the name of the program suggests. However, users can do a lot of pre-defined tasks, such as trimming videos, adding titles and text, or

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Used to join multiple files into one. It joins multiple files into one document. You can join any number of files. The links or images of a file which you want to keep are saved in a special file. File Joiner allows you to merge images into a PDF/PS/DXF/TXT/HPDF document, preserving image spacing and margins. It can automatically insert pages into the PDF/PS file, inserting pages from first one to the last one and changing the pages’ contents. File Joiner can split multipage PDF/PS/DXF/TXT/HPDF documents into separate images, which can be saved to other files. File Joiner is a simple tool that you can use to send files and folders with attachments. File Joiner allows you to send e-mail with attached PDF, EPS, AIF and PS files. You can send files or folders to an address, and the software will automatically zip it and send it to a list of addresses, or send it to a client by email. File Joiner allows you to split files into parts. It can split big file into parts and merge them into a single file. It allows you to split PDF file into parts by page and save them to other files as well as merge them into a single PDF. You can merge multiple PDF files into one or split a PDF file into multiple files with page number you specify. File Joiner is ideal for sending large files, such as software, project files, documents, music, video, audio or images, to your friends, relatives, customers, contractors or other organizations. How to use File Joiner? 1. Drag and drop the files you want to send to File Joiner, or they will be listed in the right-click menu. 2. Set the folder to which you want to save the files and the folder to which you want to send the files to. 3. Set the message, recipient(s), and message body. 4. Press the Add Files button to start sending the files you just set. 5. It will take some time before it sends the files. 6. After sending, the files will be saved into the specified location. Features of File Joiner: 1. Supports ZIP, RAR and 7-Zip file types. 2. Supports Unicode characters. 3. Supports Unicode, Microsoft OEM, Macintosh, Windows, and ISO 8859/1/2/3 b7e8fdf5c8

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File Joiner is an easy-to-use application that helps you join audio files together. This program combines several text files into one, along with one or more tracks. You can specify whether you want the program to automatically find the ends of each file, or you can manually update the files’ ends if they do not match. The resulting file is a WAV file that plays back all the audio files that were combined, using a fade-in/fade-out effect. FotoCollage creates photos collages from your favorite images and video files. It provides a great way to combine all of your favorite images or photos into beautiful collages. What is noteworthy about FotoCollage is that it is easy to use. Simply drag and drop your images or photos into the window. The app will automatically create a beautiful collage for you. FotoCollage is currently available for Windows only. TrackPal is a small and easy-to-use tool to launch other programs. Using TrackPal, you can run an application or any executable file in a non-interactive way. To use TrackPal, simply drag and drop the file you want to execute from your desktop onto the window and the program you want to launch will be launched at a specific time and with a custom icon. All in all, this app is excellent, and the best solution to launch applications at a specific time and in a different place. Tools for Developers On top of that, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to share custom icons between programs and applications on your system. In addition, following the new LAMP engine, you can also automatically launch programs with custom icons. Of course, the program can only be set for execution between 9 and 17 on the clock. Bittorrent Sync is a piece of software that is set to help you synchronize your files. This means that you only need to enter their path once, and you will be able to access them from any device you use. This can be a really good thing to do, especially if you use or store a large amount of files. Bittorrent Sync is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux versions. In order to use this application, you need to use an account. To set up an account, be sure to provide a strong password to make sure that the apps that use this feature, remain confidential. We have not encountered any issues since we have used this app,

What’s New in the File Joiner?

File Joiner is designed to help you join duplicate files and can also help you determine whether a file is a duplicate of another file. The tool is not a program to download file duplication, but rather a duplicate file finder that will help you identify the duplicates by comparing the content of files. Because it’s a duplicate file finder, it supports many file formats, which make it a reliable program. Now onto the details. Main window The main window is just like any other file comparison software, with four main tabs on the left side of the main window, such as Format, Content, Shared with and Options. Format tab The Format tab can be used to save and load data. You can convert any data, or keep original data untouched. Content tab If there are certain files that you cannot compare or do not have enough time to compare them, you can save them as the original content as it is without any changes. The Content tab allows you to save the original content of any files. Shared with tab The Shared with tab is used to find file duplicates with the help of the tags. You can compare file tags to find files that are identical. Options tab The Options tab can be used to customize the comparison display options and save a customized comparison display. File Joiner Features: ■ All Windows supported. ■ No software has to be installed, it runs from the HDD. ■ Fast and very easy to use. ■ Filter files based on the date. ■ Editable file names to match your requirements. ■ Automatic analysis of content for text files, such as.htm,.asp,.cgi,.css,.html,.php,.xml, and more. ■ Automatic analysis of content for binary files. ■ Automatic analysis of content for images. ■ Editable file names. ■ Unlimited number of files. ■ Multi-language support. ■ A lot of options. ■ Multi-thread. ■ Split/join function. ■ Opens saved folder. ■ Good storage, medium size. ■ It is free and can be used for commercial and personal use. ■ Auto-saves options during the comparison process. ■ The process is very fast. ■ Can be used as a tool to analyze content. ■ Easy to use. ■ Saving the original content. ■ Filter based on the tags. ■ Show files in folders.

System Requirements:

Minimal system requirements: OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista Processor: 1.0 GHz Memory: 64 MB Graphics: 256 MB DirectX: Version 9.0 Storage: 500 MB Driver: Microsoft® Windows® Device Redirector What’s New in This Release: Visual Studio 2010 compatible What’s New in 11.0: Added C++ 2005 compliance What’s New in 10.0: Added C# 2008/2010 compliance

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