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SMS Studio is a unique utility to send SMS messages, broadcast SMS messages, or bulk send text messages to thousands of recipients. It’s easy to use and is a powerful cross platform tool. SMS Studio is licensed as a commercial product to both private individuals and businesses. It is the preferred solution for inbound and outbound marketing needs for both international as well as local clients. Features: Send Bulk SMS messages to all mobile phones in India (Valid GSM and CDMA numbers) Send SMS directly from Excel file Send Short Message Service (SMS) messages using Excel PST files Send JPG attachment and URL links to customers or prospects directly from an Excel sheet Send SMS/SMS to Outlook Contacts, Thunderbird emails, and Hotmail email addresses SMS/SMS to web page links Send text message and Viber message to all email addresses in the database. Show detailed reports of all sent messages on the report sheet Use Random number or actual message content to send text messages to recipients (via a database of contacts, or email addresses, or both) SMS Studio is embedded within Excel, so whenever a contact is added/updated, the associated text messages are automatically set to the new messages. SMS Studio can be used as an outbound marketing tool, or as a bulk email tool. It is available in English and also available in PDF. Please help us by rating this plugin. Thanks a lot. If you have any questions or comments, please post them to our support forum or our LinkedIn group. And we will try to help you as soon as possible. Application Programming Interface Rédigé le 08 juillet 2011 par Samsung_India SMS Studio is an Excel plugin that will help you send customized SMS messages directly from an excel sheet. Messages can be sent to all valid GSM and CDMA mobile phone numbers across India. Messages can be sent with excel plug-in or web browser. Our sms plug-in is a fast, personalized, and scalable communication tool whose effectiveness can be tracked and measured. It can be used for marketing, promotional and informational purposes. Note: You have to buy an SMS sending account in order to properly use this plugin SMS Studio Description: SMS Studio is a unique utility to send SMS messages, broadcast SMS messages, or bulk send text messages to thousands of recipients. It

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SMS Studio is an Excel plug-in that has been designed for sending SMS messages from spreadsheet. SMS Studio works in two modes: 1. Excel Plug-in Mode: The excel plug-in or’server’ will be installed in the client’s computer, on which it will connect to the internet via the client’s ISP’s configured broadband connection or Wi-Fi. SMS studio will work with most GSM (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, etc) or CDMA (WCDMA, CDMA2000, etc) mobile phone networks. When the Client’s mobile phone is connected to the internet by the ISP and also to the Internet via the Provider’s mail server (an email and SMS sender), a system notification will be sent to the SMS Studio server to send a test message to the client’s mobile phone number. It will check the validity of the SMS number by checking the SIM or the IMEI number. On successful receipt of the SMS, the phone number is registered in the SMS Studio database, and a’record id’ is generated for that particular mobile number. This record id is taken by SMS Studio to generate a random message, which is saved to the SMS Studio database. This helps in preventing repetition of the same SMS. This randomness can be controlled with the help of the random options. When the users want to send a message to a mobile, they have to select the message content from a particular cell and click on the send SMS button. A PDF file will be sent to the client’s e-mail address with all the information regarding the message content, time and destination phone number. 2. Web Browser Mode: In the web browser based mode, messages can be sent via the SMTP server in the internet. The client only needs an internet connection and a web browser. The users have to go to the new SMS Studio website for sending SMS using the ‘SMS Studio Web Wizard’, to fill in some basic details (mobile number, delivery address, message etc). When the users’ mobile number is saved in the SMTP server, the SMTP server will send a notification to the SMS studio that the user wants to send a message. SMS Studio will wait for the receiver of the message (the provider’s mail server) to deliver the message for the user and send the message to the SMTP server. Once the message is delivered to the SMTP server, the server then sends a confirmation back to the 2f7fe94e24

SMS Studio

* Fast, personable, scalable communication tool * Simple and accessible SMS sending from Excel * SMS setup wizard and quick start guide * All SMS types supported * Functionality to send bulk SMS * Comes with suitable and easy-to-use Excel templates * Compatible with web and mobile browsers We are committed to making the most effective, useful, innovative and easy to use software possible. It is our highest priority to ensure that we are delivering great tools at a fair price. So we are always available to give you the help you need at any time. SMS Studio connects directly to your GSM and CDMA network to help you send text messages from Excel. SMS Studio eliminates the tedium of manually typing all of your SMS messages, formatted as per your business and recipients. This simply can be done in Excel and we will do the rest. SMS Studio uses the end user’s mobile number database, to search for the most appropriate recipient. The results will indicate whether the recipients can receive text messages. We will then send the resulting message to the appropriate SMS sending platform. Starting with selecting the recipients and continuing through sending the SMS message, SMS Studio takes full control and utilizes the features of a robust mobile messaging solution, such as Track SMS messages, Reports, Validate delivery, Web Interface, and Mobile Response. SMS Studio is a fast, personable, and scalable communication tool that can be used for marketing, promotional and informational purposes. SMS Studio can be used to automate sales lead or account notifications, send time-sensitive discounts to your customers, or schedule future recurring messages. * Fast, personable, scalable communication tool * Simple and accessible SMS sending from Excel * SMS setup wizard and quick start guide * All SMS types supported * Functionality to send bulk SMS * Comes with suitable and easy-to-use Excel templates SMS Studio includes a free trial of the tools that you will need in order to use our app. When you receive a request that you have a text message, simply open the URL in your browser and log in. Once you log in to our website, you can send all of your text messages from Excel and be notified if any message fails. We also provide a report on each of the messages sent, and you can track each of your messages using the URL that is sent. Your contact information will never be sent to us, and we will only use the information that

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The best way to send a SMS through Excel is our SMS Studio plugin. Our plugin allows you to quickly build a sale message based on your products or services. It can be tailored to your customer groups, message length, message content and SMS network. You can also send the same message to multiple users at once. By using this tool, you can add attachments, contain data and make the message accessible from all your users. The most important benefits of our tool are these: – Contains all required contact details for your SMS marketing campaign – The messages can be easily customized to add more value and information – The messages can be easily generated with a single click – It is easy to update and send from any time and place – The messages are 100% customizable – You can create and manage each message from your dashboard – It is a cost effective and simple marketing tool for small and medium size businesses to develop campaigns. SMS Studio Download Page: The text and content that you specify go into the actual message. You can add different text content and messages to different recipients. If you want to build a message in a single click, then a button would be the ideal tool. However, if you want a tool that will do the work for you, then this tool is for you. Here you can change every one of the text and content that will go into the message. If you need to send more than one message to different contacts, then you can add new contacts one by one. In addition to sending the messages, you can also save the contacts that you have added to the messages. The messages will keep history for each contact if you choose to save the contacts to that. In addition, you can save the messages to your database at a later date. This tool is appropriate for all of you who want to create and send SMS messages. You can even generate the messages within Excel itself. Take advantage of our free trial version to see how useful this tool is for you. SMS Studio Download Page: Do you want to stay ahead in your business? Then you mustn’t miss this Free and cool LinkedIn Tactics we are sharing to you today. So, what are the LinkedIn tactics that you need to follow? 1

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For installing packages, make sure you have MacPorts installed on your Mac (a free 30-day trial version is available here ). In addition, make sure you have enough disk space on your Mac to hold all the packages that you want to install. For running the games, you will also need a fairly modern video card. If you have a laptop, a decent sized screen (1440×900 is good) is also required. Some of the games may require more RAM than your Mac has to offer,

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