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I have, but it keeps freezing for about an hour at the end and I have to wait for it to restart. It has never been up this long on my desktop. Are there any suggestions on how I can fix this issue.Thanks in advance! Edit: On my computer, it looks like this: I made sure that I allowed for all update types, so it should be running the latest update. A: I tried this, and in the end, it didn’t work. It was asking to update my drivers and I did, but that didn’t fix the problem. The problem never got fixed. I don’t see why these updates would cause this. I did a complete factory reset and my computer was completely cleaned. The only thing I did was run my anti-virus and malware removal software. I ended up just cancelling the two updates and everything’s fine now. I also asked a tech friend of mine what he thought and he said it’s most likely a power surge that fried the chip. I also think there are people upvotes on this, but when I tried this method, it didn’t work. I also used this command: sudo nvram variables and that didn’t work either. Q: Workflow for converting XHTML->PDF using SEI v1 I know that the new SEI v1 tutorial says that you need to add following code to wp-config.php to enable the functionality. /** * Add SEI v1 support to the Workflow plugin. */ if (! defined( ‘XML_RULES_HANDLER_SINGLE’ ) ) { /** * The SEI V1 plugin. * * @class XML_RULES_HANDLER_SINGLE * @package Workflow * @author Thomas Gräßlin */ class XML_RULES_HANDLER_SINGLE extends XML_RULES_HANDLER_PLUGIN_SINGLE { /** * The SEI

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