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FAIRY TAIL: Rogue’s Costume Quot;Special Swimsuit Quot; jb-keygen.exe




Features Key:

  • 5 hours of gameplay
  • 2 play modes (story and survival)
  • Soundtrack featuring music by Hideki Sato and many actors from “Samurai Champloo”
  • A new class, Fate, moves like Sasuke, and has his own custom costumes, weapons, etc.
  • Choices on what to do and how to deal with things in the world, like your relationship to humanity
  • Choice on whether to be a hero or a villain
  • Over 20 pure weapons
  • Over 20 costumes (and 50 alternate outfits)
  • Tons of action scenes, interactions, and fights
  • 60+ hours of backstory
  • 50 hours of max-level level journal entries

    RUNA, the world’s last adult dragon, longs for the return of her people and their home, the peaceful dragon world – a world that just fell into ruins because of humans.

    After one hundred long years, a group of renegade humans headed by one ruthless man called the Heroes [among them, a woman named Fate] emerges to destroy all evidence of the world’s destruction, scattered to the wind like feathers.

    One day, they discovered an old book, in which one of the heroes named the “Dragon Hunter of Fairy Tail”, [Runa’s ancestor]…

    FAIRY TAIL: Dragons of the Fairy Tail /Chaos;Child Franchise/

    Mac App Store Best of 2014 Winner – Gameplay & Design


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